It's a prominent time for Cleveland sports

Tonight we get the second go-round between the two American League Central heavyweights. During the first series, the Indians came away with a 3-game sweet in Detroit. Game 1 tonight features a rematch of CC Sabathia and Justin Verlander. Sabathia is 7-1 on the season and Verlander is 5-1. The Indians hold a 2 1/2 game lead on the Tigers heading into these 4 games at Jacobs Field.

This could be Grady Sizemore’s (9th in AL All-Star voting) big opportunity to show Jim Leyland he deserves a spot on this year’s squad. Yeah right. If I know Leyland he’ll select Craig Monroe or several of his older homer players over anyone Indians, since we’re effectively beating that ass all year long. That’s fine, I’m sure the Tribe would rather have the division banner at year’s end than a few all-star selections. After CC Sabathia wins tonight, he’s a lock to get there.

Unfortunately, I won’t be watching these two go at it quite as closely as I’d like to. We’ve got Cavs and Pistons on tap at my place tonight. Game 5, and I’m guessing winner takes all here. Cleveland has the luxury of having two superstars playing in the same city during the same era in Sizemore and James. This is an opportunity for both of these teams to really shine.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Cleveland. Oh, just one time for Cleveland tonight sports Gods.

Weighing in on A-Rod's little 'situation'

Alex Rodriguez has proved to everyone that he’s merely human. He likes chicks that dig the longball and he likes chicks that can hit the longball. The guy may be superhuman on a baseball field, but he proved (as Micheal Jordan did); that he is just like all of us here in the real world.

Rodriguez has the same cravings and desires that any man has. Just because he was blessed with the God-given ability to hit a baseball doesn’t mean he obstains from those urges we all have. The guy is human, just another one of the guys. The only difference between him and most of us is he couldn’t control those urges enough to be faithful to his wife. Another difference would be that when he screws up; obviously the world hears about it. The media has been on this story like flies on shit (since we’re talking about it here, there you go).

Sure it’s a great story to talk about. Baseball’s golden boy, baseball’s prince, is just a pussy chasing scumbag like many of the other human beings that watch him make great plays on the ball field every night. That said, you have to give some credit to A-Rod’s slyness that he hasn’t been caught to this point. Afterall, with as much as it sounds like A-Rod hits those titty bars, it would certainly seem that he should have been caught by now, right? Either A-Rod is a pretty sneaky one, or it’s bullshit coming out of the woodwork at this point.

I’m not an Alex Rodriguez fan. I think he’s a special talent, but I can’t even say that I really enjoy watching him hit. I think he’s a greedball player, who stuck it to a Seattle Mariners franchise that still might be winning championships if he was there. I think he’s paid for that time and time again, having horrible experiences in Texas (being coached by Jerry Narron), and now moving onto New York–where someone will report when you piss behind a public bush.

That said, I think that Rodriguez should be cut a little slack. Some of these very same Johns that are busting him out for being a pervert strip-club conoseur, are the very same type of people you find in those seedy places every day, three hours a day, monday to sunday. Count on that being true. So A-Rod has a random trip to the titty bar to blow off some steam; who gives a shit. The guy is being paid to hit homeruns and drive runners in. Why do we care that he likes champagne rooms and a big pair of 36D’s in his face?

In a few months, if A-Rod leads the Yankees to the playoffs and hits, no one will give a damn about this strip club incident except a few of the fans that have nothing better to banter with him about. If the Yankees ultimately fail; it is going to become an issue. Mark my words, that is how it will go. You wanted New York Alex? You got it.

Throwing it around

It’s the last day of the month, congrats on the completion of May; hoggers. With June on the way, the weather heats up, the baseball starts to fly, and summer is here. Here are some blog posts that we liked enough to associate ourselves with today:

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Wrap and recap

Yankees 10, Blue Jays 5
We’re just as bad as everyone else who caters and whores to the Yankees as far as media coverage. The reason is very simple; one of us is a Yankees homer, and one of us likes to look at the wreck after the crash every week. Johnny Damon got his 2,000th career hit in this one, and as ESPN said, A-Rod ‘distracted’ the Blue Jays so the Yanks could win. Now, lets give credit where it is due the guy went 1 for 4 with a RBI and 2 runs. He didn’t fucking ‘distract’ another big league team. Bobby Cano went 4 for 4.

Orioles 3, Royals 0
If this were the NFL, this would be the game in which no one wanted to really win because it was for the 1st pick in the NFL draft. In front of an energetic (I’m so sure) Kansas City crowd of 10,513, Erik Bedard threw 8 shutout innings to get hi 4th win of the season. Nick Markakis hit his 8th homerun of the season, a 2-run pinch hit job.

Marlins 9, Cubs 0
Ted Lilly; the Dirtball (more on that later, I promise–I’m picking my spots), continued to help bury my poor fantasy team. He went 7 innings and gave up 3 bombs an 5 earned runs. He did strike out 9; thank you Ted. Dan Uggla, Josh Willingham, and you guessed it; Miguel Cabrera went yardwork for the Marlins. Those guys are the usual suspects for the Marlins aren’t they?

Reds 4, Astros 3
The Reds won their 3rd game in a row. You know what you call that Reds? A winning streak. Congratu-fucking-lations. The Reds got another big win in what has historically been their house of horrors; Minute Maid Park. Aaron Harang went the distance for the Redlegs as Norris Hopper and Alex Gonzalez had 3 hits a piece. A 3 run first inning in which Adam Dunn singled home an RBI keyed the Reds victory.

Devil Rays 5, Tigers 3
The Devil Rays did their part in helping out the Cleveland Indians by beating the Tigers before the Tigers come into the Jake for a big series with the Tribe. Elijah Dukes gave a black eye to the Tigers with his 10th homerun of the year. All he hits is homeruns. He’s got like, 4 hits that aren’t a solo bomb this season. He’s owned in less than 1% of fantasy leagues. I actually called him a sleeper at one point early in the season, in which I was completely out of my mind. Jorge Cantu had an RBI double, and James Shields went the full 9 innings improving to 4-0 on the season with a 3.13 ERA. This guy may end up the ace that Scott Kazmir has failed to be for the D-Rays.

Suk that, Daisuke

The Cleveland Indians salvaged what was a hard fought series between what might be the two toast teams of the American league tonight. They did it against the all hype, Daisuke (Dice-K) Matzaka in his home park.

Grady Sizemore and Kelly Shoppach highlighted the Tribe offense. Sizemore doubled and homered off Dice-K. Dice K is not Grady’s kryptonite. Kelly Shoppach had four hits. Sizemore also added his 17th stolen base in 18 attempts, and the one time he was caught was a bullshit hose-call. I saw it.

Paul Byrd is quietly 6 and 1 on the year. Can you believe that? The guy doesn’t really do anything special, he just wins.
The Indians thus far have played this big test of a road trip very hard. They’re 4-2, with the two losses in Fenway being games they could have won each time. They were beaten by Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett, respectively. Not a bad pair to lose to if you’ve got to lose. They swept the Tigers and now welcome Detroit to the Jake where hopefully they can keep things going. It would be nice to pad the 2 1/2 lead in the AL Central by winning the series.

Read more: Tomahawkin’ from the top (The Diatribe)
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Have faith Yankee fans

Many Yankee fans like myself have been waiting patiently for the slumping bombers to break out of this slump. The game tonight against The Toronto Blue Jays has pretty much summed up their season. The first inning they jumped out early and put a 5 spot on the board, which I’m sure was a reaction to some kind of inspirational speech given by Torre in the clubhouse. Right now the game is in the 8th innning and the Yankees are despirately holding on to a 6-5 lead. This typical of the way they have been playing all season. They show up to play for an inning and maybe they whole night, but they have yet to prove that they really care about winning. As a Yankee fan I realize you can’t win all the time, but I do expect them to show up everyday and grind it out like every other team in the league. They have done this for the last couple of seasons where they spend the half of the season not trying because they feel that they are good enough to over come the hole they burried themselves in. Every year they push the limits and this year they have gone too far. I have no doubt that they will have a surge and gain a ton of games back, but they will not make the playoffs this time, they don’t deserve the honor.

Currently the game is in the 9th inning and they have managed to tack on a few more runs to make it 10-5. Giambi up at bat and is they only player sweating in an air conditioned dome in Canada. Torre is sweating too but it is not visable because he had surgery that closed up all his pores. He will shed a tear or two when they win the world series, but that is about the only time you will see any kind of moisture on his skin.

Well turns out that the Yankees actually won one tonight, what a fucking thrill. This team is like a woman, a type of woman I know very well. They will tease you with excitement and appear happy at one moment, while the next only to rip all your hopes and dreams away with a shitty night or inning. I’ve had enough of these multi-personalitied fucks.

We have reason to believe…..

Well Hoggers, we have reason to believe that Seattle Mariner’s 3rd baseman Andre Adrian Beltre is a reader of the blog. It’s not really that he enjoys the content here; either. At least not yet he doesn’t. We certainly hope he’ll return and stay a while next time.

You see, Adrian was doing a random Google search yesterday before his game in Anaheim. He was searching for articles about his son. You’ll remember earlier this month we did an opinion piece dealing with Beltre as part of the ‘Steroid Witch-hunt’ series. Apparently during his Google search, Adrian came across our blog post about him which was about the 7th thing down the page when you search for ‘Adrian Beltre’s son’; by the way Adrian, congrats on the kid.

Adrian then made this comment after reading about him and us saying that he’s most likely guilty:

It’s obvious you have nothing better to write about. Who are you to assume this? There is nothing about his physique or testing that says he’s been juiced. Get a life and stop passing judgement and criticizing great talent. If you don’t have any proof just shut up. Write about facts not assumptions.

Well now Adrian, we do have better things to write about; believe me. My memory isn’t perfect, but if it serves me correctly I believe that the day I wrote it I was bored and couldn’t stand to talk about the scores from the night before one minute longer. That’s when you came in handy.

Isn’t the whole steroids scandal just one big assumption anyways? We’ve said this many times on this very blog. Sure, even Barry Bonds is just speculation right? Even though everyone knows he made a deal with the devil to run down Hank Aaron.

All of your comments were well received Adrian; until you starting telling us to get a life (and ‘stop criticizing great talent’). Get a life huh? You mean like; take our already gawdy physique and mix in a few deca-cocktails so we can have superstar years and sign huge contracts that bring unfulfilled promises and much disappointment? That kind of life?

I’m so sorry that we’re not good enough for you. We try our best here to provide the best baseball commentary, coverage, and news on the net. We just want our little shot at life Adrian. Afterall, you’re right. His physique is just one that is big-boned. He’s not going to win any body building contests. Also, sure, he’s never tested positive. Like I’m stupid enough to believe that a.) you’ve never been able to use your quad-zillion dollars to find something that would mask the stuff, or b.) just take something that isn’t/wasn’t tested for in 2004 when you went off.

So no, other than you’ve been mediocre to decent in your entire career, other than 2004 when you were superhuman; I don’t have any proof. I never injected your posterior with any syringes and I never heard you say to anyone you did it or anything like that. I think you coming onto a blog and defending yourself is guilt enough in it’s own, other than a baseball fan can sniff that shit out like a rat’s cheese at the end of a maze. Just look at those number spikes from year to year. You ever have anything close to 2004 numbers again, I’ll eat my words. Until then, you remain speculated guilty here at Diamond Hoggers.

Details of Adrian’s little visit:

Domain Name ? (Network)

IP Address 69.237.56.# (ADRIAN BELTRE-050128030430)

ISP SBC Internet Services


Continent : North America

Country : United States

State : California

City : Irvine

Search Engine

Search Words adrian beltre’s son

Out Click 2 comments

I checked out to see what big league team plays near Irvine, California. The Anaheim Angels. Who played the Anaheim Angels last night? Adrian’s Seattle Mariners of course. Coincidence, nah.

DH off-topic post: Hogzilla, we hardly knew ye'

Ladies and Gentleman, Hogzilla is dead. Now why is this thing ending up on our baseball blog when we’re in the thick of the baseball season? Well, it’s a hog; that’s why. You have to hvae some filler in here. It can’t just be “yackity smackity, the Dodgers are playing well”, every day. Or actually it can be but this will add a little cultural diversity to our blog. More than anything, this is a blog about hogs, although in a much different form. Nonetheless, we’ll do this bit about Hogzilla to get some more hits to keep our readers informed.

We’re not here to wish this animal well in hog heaven, or to pay tribute to it’s life. Afterall, it was a fucking hog. It had to have lived decently, right? I mean it was over 12 feet long and 1000 pounds. This thing preyed on the runts in the jungle. It could point to any female hog and probably any animal for that matter and say ‘get over here, I’m gonna give it to you. I’m the hog-king of this jungle and I can bang anyone I want.’

No we’re here for something more important. We’re here to inform our readers of the cast of the official, Hogzilla Movie!

Yes it’s true. It’s not bad enough that this monstrosity has made national news and we’ve all heard way too much about a freak of nature, disgusting pig already. They’re going to make a movie about this thing. They’ve already begun casting for Hogzilla the movie and have asked hog slaying heartless gutless s.o.b. hunter Chris Griffin, the man who shot the hog, to help with recreating the magic that was this giant pig.

The best part in reference to this movie to be made, is that the company producing the film has asked former Detroit Tiger Cecil Fielder to play the part of the hog. In addition, little David Eckstein will play the part of the boy hunter.

Throwing it around

Happy hump-day Hoggers. We’ve cooked up some good baseball blog links to break up the middle of your week for you on this, the last selling day of the month. Ladi-frickin-da!

  • Alex Rodriguez is human afterall. (Deadspin)
  • Carlos Delgado is back. (American Legends)
  • The Boston Red Sox have a lot to be happy about now. Josh Beckett is 8-0, Kevin Youkilis has hit in 21 straight, and they’ve taken the first two games from the Indians. (Boston Dirt Dogs)
  • The New York Mets are dominating the early NL All-Star Game ballots. (Hot Foot)
  • More on A-Rod and his cheating heart. (On The DL)
  • Your standard, daily post about, oh, the 1924 Washington Nationals. (Coffeyville Whirlwind)
  • The bizarro Hall of Fame class of 1984. (One More Dying Quail)

Throwing it around

We were kind of in a brief rest-period this weekend with Memorial day in session. We turned off our brains and rested them. Editor George drowned himself in alcohol on a South Carolina beach. That said, the baseball blog world continued around us, and now that the week has began a day late, the show must go on. Look at this picture of Kevin Youkilis, and tell me he doesn’t look like a cartoon character or something awful. I mean really, I want to stop staring at it but I just can’t do it. Please help me stop looking at it.

  • Talk of the Indians sweep in Detroit (The Tribe Source)
  • A recap of the Indians close but no cigar loss in Boston on Memorial day (The Tribe Source)
  • More on the Indians sweep of the Detroit Tigers in Detroit; ya it was kind of a big deal. (The Diatribe)
  • Adam Dunn trade talk, and some interesting contract details of his that you might not have known. Please be smart Reds–DO NOT TRADE ADAM DUNN. (Redleg Nation)
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  • Ryan Howard is back, and back in a big way Phillies fans. (The 700 Level)
  • Get to know the writers of ‘The Dugout’. (The Big Picture)

Begging and pleading; keep Dunn

I am pleading. I am begging. This would be the biggest mistake in the history of Reds baseball. There is nothing out there that is worth one of the most dominating offensive presences in the game at age 27. I don’t care how much we lose. I don’t care what the record is this season. This guy has a chance to retire one of the greatest offensive statistical Reds of all-time. We are talking about a home grown guy here. A guy whom has been a Cincinnati Red since day one. We traded Austin Kearns, we’ve seen how that worked out. Do you really wanna be the franchise who traded away 600 career HR Adam Dunn?

Do you really want to trade a guy who can be the anchor of this ball club for the next 10 years? I am just suggesting that Adam Dunn is part of the solution and not part of the problem.

There is no addition by subtracting Adam here. I wanna hear people’s thoughts but at the same time I am not willing to give him up unless it is for a Jake Peavy-type big league talent. I think this guy is going to retire as one of the most dominating offensive players of all time, with his durability and OBP I think he is a force that isn’t seen but once ever 50 years or so. I don’t care about the K’s. An out, is an out. I want to see Adam Dunn retire a Red. Get behind him and support him, whether this run with him in Red is something that is soon to end or something that lasts forever.

#44 LF ADAM DUNN- The initial Godfather of Diamondhoggers

These Indians don't let you down often

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Paul Hoynes tells the story of the game in his blog, and does a fine job. The Cleveland Indians ensured that they would take the series in Detroit yesterday and moved a game and a half ahead of the Tigers in the AL Central by winning their second in a row.
I was thinking this morning, with the two big contests tonight between the Indians and Tigers (on ESPN), and the Cavaliers and Pistons (on TNT), we should do a deal where we let the Tigers take one from the Indians, but only if the Pistons allow the Cavs to win tonight. It’s a fair trade IMO.

Once again, Grady Sizemore got the big hit with a 1 out triple with the Indians trailing 3-2. Casey Blake then doubled him home and the Indians went on to take the lead that they would never relinquish with a David Delucci homerun one inning later.

C.C. Sabathia improved to 7-1 on the season and Joe Borowski got the save in the Tribe’s 30th victory of the season. Get out the brooms.

Box Score

Recaps from a friday in baseball

Angels 10, Yankees 6
Jeff Weaver beat his old team and new rookie Tyler Clippard. Robinson Crusoe Cano had 2 hits and 3 RBI but the Angels of Anaheim got homeruns from Casey at the bat Kotchman and Chione (say it like “Shawn”) Figgins. The Yankees now find themselves 10 1/2 games out of first place after winning the series in Boston against the Red Sox.

Phillies 8, Braves 3
Jamie Moyer beat the Atlanta Braves for the first time since 1987, when I was 5. Ryan Howard opened the scoring for the Phillies with a 2-run double. That little weasel Jason Werth hit a pinch hit homerun. Tim Hudson gave up 5 earned runs and 10 hits over 6 2/3 innings to go to 5-3 on the season.

DiamondBacks 13, Astros 3
You might want to get to know the name Mark Reynolds. In his 10th big league game, he went 5 for 5 with 4 RBI and 2 homeruns. He’s hitting .459 to start his career. Woody Williams is now 1-7 on the season, and his only win was against the Reds so he basically has been useless. Morgan Ensberg hit his 4th homerun of the season while Edgar Gonzalez got his 2nd win of the season for the Dbacks.

Mets 6, Marlins 2
Aaron Heilman got his 5th win of the season in relief as the Marlins dropped to 7 1/2 games back of the first place Mets. The win was the 30th of the season for the Metropolitans. Paul Lo Duca had 4 hits (so glad I just cut him in fantasy), and Sergio Mitre didn’t allow an earned run in 7 2/3 innings.

Mel Allen would be smiling on this day

Today, the FOX national game of the week is going to be a real showdown. The Cleveland Indians take on the Detroit Tigers, with both team’s aces on the hill and once again, first place on the line. This is a picture perfect point in the season for these two teams to meet, with their aces pitching; as CC Sabathia takes on Justin Verlander.

Today is the type of day that as a kid I remember waking up on my favorite day of the week and watching This Week in Baseball before the big saturday national game. Something about the show just always put me in a great mood, got me ready to watch some baseball, and showed the game from a fan’s perspective. With Hall of Famer Mel Allen hosting the show, it made for a great program. It is the Omega of all baseball shows. There simply is none higher.
Eventually, Mel Allen would give way to a claymation Mel Allen; post mortem. Claymation Mel would eventually share hosting duties with current host, Buzz Brainard (great name), and eventually Jenny Finch. TWIB could have done a whole lot worse as far as replacements for the legend.
Nonetheless, Allen would be smiling on this day. Memorial Day saturday has a great game ahead. I wonder if I can find that show right now…..I’m in the mood for some TWIB.