Have faith Yankee fans

Many Yankee fans like myself have been waiting patiently for the slumping bombers to break out of this slump. The game tonight against The Toronto Blue Jays has pretty much summed up their season. The first inning they jumped out early and put a 5 spot on the board, which I’m sure was a reaction to some kind of inspirational speech given by Torre in the clubhouse. Right now the game is in the 8th innning and the Yankees are despirately holding on to a 6-5 lead. This typical of the way they have been playing all season. They show up to play for an inning and maybe they whole night, but they have yet to prove that they really care about winning. As a Yankee fan I realize you can’t win all the time, but I do expect them to show up everyday and grind it out like every other team in the league. They have done this for the last couple of seasons where they spend the half of the season not trying because they feel that they are good enough to over come the hole they burried themselves in. Every year they push the limits and this year they have gone too far. I have no doubt that they will have a surge and gain a ton of games back, but they will not make the playoffs this time, they don’t deserve the honor.

Currently the game is in the 9th inning and they have managed to tack on a few more runs to make it 10-5. Giambi up at bat and is they only player sweating in an air conditioned dome in Canada. Torre is sweating too but it is not visable because he had surgery that closed up all his pores. He will shed a tear or two when they win the world series, but that is about the only time you will see any kind of moisture on his skin.

Well turns out that the Yankees actually won one tonight, what a fucking thrill. This team is like a woman, a type of woman I know very well. They will tease you with excitement and appear happy at one moment, while the next only to rip all your hopes and dreams away with a shitty night or inning. I’ve had enough of these multi-personalitied fucks.