Die Hard Fantasy Baseball 2018 Title Ring

Congrats to Trey, the owner of Smitty’s Slugger’s in winning the 2018 Die Hard Fantasy League Championship last year. Here’s how the standings went down.

Smitty’s Slugger’s held off Detroit Stars from a possible Four-peat.

2011 – COSFBA (No longer league member), 135.5 points

2012 – Diamond Hoggers (That’s us!), 134 points

2013 – Off Base Percentage, 127 points

2014 – No Dead Teams!, 135 points

2015 – Detroit Stars, 159 points

2016 – Detroit Stars, 155 points

2017 – Detroit Stars, 152.5 points

2018 – Smitty’s Sluggers, 140 points

I finished in a tie for fourth, and I shall now pay the consequences of my actions. I don’t think I pick until the 8th round or something insane. I will be paying for the sins of chasing dreams that never were meant to be.