Throwing it around

It’s the last day of the month, congrats on the completion of May; hoggers. With June on the way, the weather heats up, the baseball starts to fly, and summer is here. Here are some blog posts that we liked enough to associate ourselves with today:

  • A.J. Pierzyski is not just Polish; he’s also an asshole. (Babes Love Baseball)
  • Was A-Rod’s suspected infidelity good for his image? (UmpBump)
  • An article that is both interesting and near and dear to my heart. The $7 Brewski: How baseball bleeds your wallett dry. (The Hardball Times)
  • Ryan Freel might need to dial it down a notch to prolong his career, ala J.D. Drew. (Redleg Nation)
  • Big win on the road for the reliable Cleveland Indians, as they pick up a game on the Tigers and head home for a big series. (The Tribe Source)
  • It’s a great time to hate the Yankees. (With Leather)
  • A roundtable discussion with 3 of the country’s top MLB draft analysts. Look back on this article in 5 years, it should be interesting. (Baseball Analysts)
  • The Phillies are erratic with their play this season. Back to .500 for them, and Charlie Manuel. (WhizWith)