Established in 2007 as a labor of love, Diamond Hoggers is a humorous and informative Baseball Blog written from the perspective of a former collegiate baseball player.

But what do you really say in a space like this about something you’ve loved your entire life with your whole heart? Baseball was something I never took one shortcut on as a player or coach and I exhausted every avenue to stay around it until circumstance and lack of God-given ability determined that I could no longer play it.

I guess you just say that you hope your love and appreciation for the greatest game on earth–America’s game–shines through on each and every post. And for as long as we’re able we’re going to have a good time covering this game and it’s intricacies for all their worth.

Baseball is great because baseball is like life. Even if you got beat the day before, redemption is still only a wake-up away.

If you love the game, we have a feeling you’ll love this blog.


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