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A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Podcast: Is David Ortiz a Hall of Famer?


This past Friday evening, M.J. Lloyd, Mike Hllywa and myself got together for about an hour to talk a little baseball. Topics for discussion on this installment of A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Podcast:

  • We talk a little fantasy baseball, including our Fangraphs Ottoneu league.
  • Mookie Betts!
  • Should David Ortiz be in the Hall of Fame?
  • The Red Sox lineup
  • Xander Bogaerts
  • We dive into a bit of prospect talk
  • Adam Duvall gets a little love – okay – his name is mentioned for possibly the first and only time on the show.
  • Mike Trout! (and more specifically this article that got my cohorts going) Update: It’s satire

As always, there’s much more.

It’s usually a great time to podcast with these guys, so if you’re taking a summer vacation soon and have to travel by car or you have a boring cubicle job, give us a listen!

A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Podcast


It’s weird, MJ Lloyd, Mike Hllywa, and myself talked for almost exactly an hour last night but I don’t remember one particular topic.

It was a fun chat. We went into the debate of Harper vs. Trout, who is player number three if you’re starting a franchise, the Angels, the Reds, how tight Joey Votto’s pants are right now, and if you want more than that; you’re going to have to give it a listen!

If you’re amused in the slightest, subscribe to the show!

Baseball Podcast: Over/Unders Show


Last night on A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Baseball Podcast, we performed a time-honored tradition of Overs and Unders. All lines were set by show Ombudsman MJ Lloyd and Mike Hllywa and myself took stabs at some fun categories that are sure to go totally wrong in the 2016 MLB season.

Show topics included:

  • Recap of some of last year’s Over/Unders show and predictions
  • We did about an hour of Over/Unders with 2016 topics
  • A short pop culture segment that probably should have been deleted but we have no editing software (yet).

We hope you enjoy this show and have as much fun listening as we do doing it. Even from our vehicles.

A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Baseball Podcast: Offseason Winners & Losers, Bullish on the DBacks & More!


Last night on A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Baseball Podcast, I was joined by my friends MJ Lloyd and Mikey Hllywa.  They tweet about baseball sometimes, so make sure you give them a follow.

Topics on last night’s podcast included (but not limited to):

  • Jenrry Mejia’s lifetime ban from baseball
  • Biggest Winners and Losers of the offseason
  • Our thoughts on the 2016 Arizona DiamondBacks
  • Discussion about Mike Trout and Bryce Harper’s future contracts and possible landing spots
  • Who are we most excited to see play in the 2016 season

And as always, much more!

A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Podcast: Hamilton, Trout, Mets, Statcast, the Yips, and more


Tonight on A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Podcast, I was joined by Mike Hllywa and M.J. Lloyd. I thought we had a great little show here tonight, one of our better efforts; but then again I am the same guy who thought it was a good idea to bet my hard earned, real-life wages against Matt Harvey today when he faced off with C.C. Sabathia.

That said, we talked about a lot of great topics tonight:

  • Josh Hamilton traded to the Texas Rangers
  • The debt of MLB Statcast
  • Surprises in baseball: the New York Mets, the Kansas City Royals, Nelson Cruz, and others.
  • Our usual Mike Trout mention
  • The Royals want to fight everybody
  • Kris Bryant, Giancarlo Stanton chatter
  • Clint tells a story on the Yips
  • Media markets in baseball – where is great, and where is a pressure cooker?

And as always, there’s a lot of golden stuff in between. Like Hllywa’s one-liners. Or me getting his last name right finally after eight tries. Or M.J.’s goat. If you have an hour at lunch and you’re allowed to put your headphones on, eat your lunch, zone out and listen to some great baseball talk; you should enjoy this installment.

A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Podcast: Saturday Night Regular Season Edition

Big things went down while on air, and by 'big, we mean Uribear.
Big things went down while on air, and by ‘big, we mean Uribear.

Tonight on A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Podcast, I was joined as always by M.J. Lloyd and Mike Hllywa, both of Off Base Percentage fame for for the first regular season edition of our show.

Topics included on this podcast:

  • Kris Bryant: is his own player’s union working against him?
  • Donkey Basketball?
  • Which teams hot starts are to be taken seriously?
  • Juan Uribe didn’t feel like playing tonight
  • Mike Trout’s opening day at-bat against King Felix
  • Billy Hamilton and Mike Moustakas’ hot starts
  • Evan Gattis’ two golden sombreros
  • Much more!

Lots of laughs through about an hour of baseball talk. If you love baseball and have some serious time to kill – give it a listen!

A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Podcast: Season Preview, Over/Unders

Tonight I was joined by M.J. Lloyd and Mike Hllywa, both of Off Base Percentage fame for the season preview podcast edition of A Bat Flippin’ Good Time.

On the podcast we discuss:

  • The Josh Hamilton verdict, and how poorly has the Angels organization handled this situation.
  • Ervin Santana’s PED suspension.
  • Division predictions, as well as playoff and World Series picks (we were all in agreement with who wins the 2015 World Series).
  • Season Award Predictions.
  • Over/Unders for many players statistical totals.

This was one of the best, and most fun shows we’ve done in a while. If you’re a big baseball fan this one will entertain you while you wait for Opening Day to arrive.

The Baseball Show Podcast: talking Out of the Park ’16 with Developer Brad Cook


It’s really spring – and with another March passing us by it’s like a rite of passage that a new version of Out of the Park Baseball arrives on time.

It’s the greatest sports game simulation experience that someone can have. It’s like crack for the baseball fan.

I was lucky enough to be joined by head developer Brad Cook on tonight’s show to talk about new additions and maybe introduce some exciting experiences of my own past in OOTP. Brad also touches on the group’s next project, Beyond the Sideline Football.

Follow OOTP on twitter here, and check out their development website over at OOTP Developments. As Brad mentions on the show, the game will be ready for play on Monday, March 23rd; killing many long hours before the real start of the regular season and beyond.

Thanks to Brad for joining us again!

A Bat Flippin’ Good Time Podcast: The Cubs are on their way


Last night, Mike Hllywa (Gammons Daily, Halo Hangout) and M.J. Lloyd (Baseball Prospectus, Off-Base Percentage) and I hung out in our virtual bar and talked some baseball for an hour. We rolled out the new name of the podcast, A Bat Flippin’ Good Time; and that’s what we had damnit!

Topics discussed include:

  • Our usual Mike Trout segment
  • Angels playoff odds
  • The David Price trade.
  • The Cubs’ young nucleus and bright future (and MJ’s bromance for Kris Bryant).
  • Thoughts on Bryce Harper’s present, future, and the Washington Nationals.
  • Mike H’s trip to Anaheim for a perfect day of baseball for his son’s first game.
  • Pop Culture Segment: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie, Breaking Bad, and more.

The Baseball Show Podcast: Trout, Tanaka, Darvish, and More


Tonight on The Baseball Show MJ Lloyd, Mike Hllywa and I got together to talk some baseball. Here are the things we got going about:

-The Tom Verducci Sports Illustrated story about Mike Trout.
-A solid ten minute conversation about Trout’s 2014 season, and the spoiled brat fantasy owners who complain about it.
-Comparing Yu Darvish, Masahiro Tanaka and other Japanese pitchers.
-How many home runs will Jose Abreu hit this year?
-What is wrong with the Royals?
-Thoughts on the NL Central, NL West, NL East.
Madison Bumgarner’s snot rockets (nice find, Mike)… and Yasiel Puig takes him deep during the show.

If you like baseball you’re going to love tonight’s show.

Thursday Night on The Baseball Show: Bip Roberts

This Thursday night on The Baseball Show podcast we’ll have former Reds All-Star Bip Roberts on the show. We’re really excited about this. Roberts was always one of our favorite former big league players. When we were kids back in ’92 (arguably Roberts’ finest season), we used to tell our parents that Bip was Barry Larkin’s little brother. When they corrected us and said that he wasn’t indeed Larkin’s brother, we told them that indeed he was because he was number 10 (Larkin was 11, like that had anything to do with it) and because as a 9 year old kid, they looked like each other. Kids are stupid.

We’re looking forward to talking some baseball with one of our favorite former big league stars. Be sure to catch this week’s edition of The Baseball Show podcast.

Bip, you’re worth $275 to us!

The Baseball Show: Kershaw’s Contract and Other Tidbits

Clayton Kershaw

Last night on The Baseball Show, M.J. Lloyd and I attempted to pass the winter time by talking a little hot stove. Topics covered on the podcast this week were as follows:

-Thoughts on Clayton Kershaw’s 7-year, $215 million dollar contract
-We handicap where Masahiro Tanaka might land.
-A story about Kershaw/Greinke/Tanaka’s Agent Casey Close calling me in college
-Reaction to Alex Rodriguez’s situation
-Thoughts on the Chicago White Sox quietly solid offseason acquisitions
-If you were attending a fantasy camp, what veteran former players or managers would you want running the camp?
-The return of RBI Baseball ’14

As always there are many more gems in between – so use the Friday workday to listen to two guys having a great time talking about the greatest game on earth!

The Baseball Show: Mike Hllywa


In this thrilling edition of The Baseball Show Podcast, M.J. Lloyd and I were joined by Mike Hllywa (@mike_hllywa on twitter) of Halo Hangout and Gammons Daily. Here’s how the flow went – and if you missed it make sure you catch up here because it was a very good show:

-Trying to predict the Mike Trout contract (Mike introduces us to the Mike Trout Sign-o-meter).
-Reaction to Shin-Soo Choo’s signing with the Texas Rangers
-We handicap the field for the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes
-Yasiel Puig’s value to the Dodgers as a potential trading chip
-How we voted for the Hall of Fame
-More reaction to the Fielder/Cabrera/Avasail Garcia rumor

The show went over an hour and a half, so there’s a lot of great tidbits that we talk about that aren’t listed there. If you’ve got some time this Saturday to listen to three guys talk baseball, this is the podcast you want to listen to them do it on.

The Baseball Show: Trademageddon


A few evenings ago on The Baseball Show Podcast, M.J. Lloyd (Off Base Percentage) and myself discussed the full rundown of off-season activity. M.J. is also a great follow on twitter (@MnkysThrwngDrts).

Of the high points:

*Clint kicks off the show with a huge rumor involving Miguel Cabrera’s injury, Prince Fielder’s wife, Avasail Garcia, and why Prince might have been traded from Detroit.
*We recap many of the moves that happened on Trademageddon Tuesday.
*We talk Robinson Cano free agency.
*We discuss sabermetrics, and how many million dollars each win in WAR is worth.
*We weigh in on Brandon Phillips hot stove chatter.
*We make dick jokes.

If you have some time to kill on the weekend when you’re supposed to be doing chores, give us a listen. We’ll be sure to entertain if you love baseball.