We have reason to believe…..

Well Hoggers, we have reason to believe that Seattle Mariner’s 3rd baseman Andre Adrian Beltre is a reader of the blog. It’s not really that he enjoys the content here; either. At least not yet he doesn’t. We certainly hope he’ll return and stay a while next time.

You see, Adrian was doing a random Google search yesterday before his game in Anaheim. He was searching for articles about his son. You’ll remember earlier this month we did an opinion piece dealing with Beltre as part of the ‘Steroid Witch-hunt’ series. Apparently during his Google search, Adrian came across our blog post about him which was about the 7th thing down the page when you search Google.com for ‘Adrian Beltre’s son’; by the way Adrian, congrats on the kid.

Adrian then made this comment after reading about him and us saying that he’s most likely guilty:

It’s obvious you have nothing better to write about. Who are you to assume this? There is nothing about his physique or testing that says he’s been juiced. Get a life and stop passing judgement and criticizing great talent. If you don’t have any proof just shut up. Write about facts not assumptions.

Well now Adrian, we do have better things to write about; believe me. My memory isn’t perfect, but if it serves me correctly I believe that the day I wrote it I was bored and couldn’t stand to talk about the scores from the night before one minute longer. That’s when you came in handy.

Isn’t the whole steroids scandal just one big assumption anyways? We’ve said this many times on this very blog. Sure, even Barry Bonds is just speculation right? Even though everyone knows he made a deal with the devil to run down Hank Aaron.

All of your comments were well received Adrian; until you starting telling us to get a life (and ‘stop criticizing great talent’). Get a life huh? You mean like; take our already gawdy physique and mix in a few deca-cocktails so we can have superstar years and sign huge contracts that bring unfulfilled promises and much disappointment? That kind of life?

I’m so sorry that we’re not good enough for you. We try our best here to provide the best baseball commentary, coverage, and news on the net. We just want our little shot at life Adrian. Afterall, you’re right. His physique is just one that is big-boned. He’s not going to win any body building contests. Also, sure, he’s never tested positive. Like I’m stupid enough to believe that a.) you’ve never been able to use your quad-zillion dollars to find something that would mask the stuff, or b.) just take something that isn’t/wasn’t tested for in 2004 when you went off.

So no, other than you’ve been mediocre to decent in your entire career, other than 2004 when you were superhuman; I don’t have any proof. I never injected your posterior with any syringes and I never heard you say to anyone you did it or anything like that. I think you coming onto a blog and defending yourself is guilt enough in it’s own, other than a baseball fan can sniff that shit out like a rat’s cheese at the end of a maze. Just look at those number spikes from year to year. You ever have anything close to 2004 numbers again, I’ll eat my words. Until then, you remain speculated guilty here at Diamond Hoggers.

Details of Adrian’s little visit:

Domain Name pacbell.net ? (Network)

IP Address 69.237.56.# (ADRIAN BELTRE-050128030430)

ISP SBC Internet Services


Continent : North America

Country : United States

State : California

City : Irvine

Search Engine google.com

Search Words adrian beltre’s son

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I checked out to see what big league team plays near Irvine, California. The Anaheim Angels. Who played the Anaheim Angels last night? Adrian’s Seattle Mariners of course. Coincidence, nah.