Begging and pleading; keep Dunn

I am pleading. I am begging. This would be the biggest mistake in the history of Reds baseball. There is nothing out there that is worth one of the most dominating offensive presences in the game at age 27. I don’t care how much we lose. I don’t care what the record is this season. This guy has a chance to retire one of the greatest offensive statistical Reds of all-time. We are talking about a home grown guy here. A guy whom has been a Cincinnati Red since day one. We traded Austin Kearns, we’ve seen how that worked out. Do you really wanna be the franchise who traded away 600 career HR Adam Dunn?

Do you really want to trade a guy who can be the anchor of this ball club for the next 10 years? I am just suggesting that Adam Dunn is part of the solution and not part of the problem.

There is no addition by subtracting Adam here. I wanna hear people’s thoughts but at the same time I am not willing to give him up unless it is for a Jake Peavy-type big league talent. I think this guy is going to retire as one of the most dominating offensive players of all time, with his durability and OBP I think he is a force that isn’t seen but once ever 50 years or so. I don’t care about the K’s. An out, is an out. I want to see Adam Dunn retire a Red. Get behind him and support him, whether this run with him in Red is something that is soon to end or something that lasts forever.

#44 LF ADAM DUNN- The initial Godfather of Diamondhoggers