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Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s probably the nicest day of 2014 so far and as always a Saturday holds a full tilt of MLB action. Every team is in action, and all the stars should be in the lineup if they’re healthy.

Saturday is a great day to celebrate the game we all love. That’s what this post is for: the best day of the week and the best sport on earth.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s the first Saturday of the regular season and there’s baseball on all afternoon and evening. There’s really nothing better in sports than a Saturday with a full slate.

So don’t slack – if you were out this morning trying to get your taxes done in time for that April 15th deadline you better have made sure that your fantasy lineups were all set before you left home. We’ve got a long season ahead of us and can’t afford any slackeys this early in the year. Even if you’re sitting 10th in your ten teamer.

Enjoy your Saturday and all of the tremendous action that will take place. It’s baseball season, finally.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


One week. That’s all we need to survive is one week to have real baseball on the television and the real accumulation of counting metrics.

With fantasy drafts and March Madness kicking off this week, we’ll be just fine until then. So start planning your Opening Day kick-off party – and have something special on tap for next Saturday. It will be Dodger baseball from down under with Vin Scully calling the action.

Here’s the Red Sox – Yankees brawl in which Don Zimmer got hip-tossed by Pedro Martinez. And this took place on a Saturday, the greatest day of all for a baseball fan.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


Two weeks from today we have the glorious opener in Australia. We’re spending the entire day cleaning the house. This isn’t an authentic baseball Saturday, but we’re getting closer.

The upcoming week will be filled with team previews and fantasy draft preparation. It should help kill some more time. Two weeks from right now we’ll be throwing up another one of these posts after staying up all night watching the Dodgers and D’Backs.

Is it ever going to happen?

Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s a Spring Training Saturday, and there’s a decent little slate of action to take in if you have MLB.tv and your wife isn’t going to make you run any annoying errands or do the things that wives force you to do on a Saturday.

Three to four weeks from now there will be so much baseball we can’t even cover it all. Right now it’s still a little bit of a lull period in which we’re all chattering about who came into camp overweight and who will make the 25th spot on the roster, and all that non-important stuff.

It’s still Saturday (best day of the week) and we’re still talking about baseball (best sport on earth). That’s why we do a Saturday baseball post every week.

Here’s a look at one of the most epic games from last season if you’re bored. You can watch it in it’s entirety.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


This is based on 1992, in case you’re wondering.

It’s 26 degrees where we’re at right now, and it seems like baseball is nowhere in sight. That said, just five weeks from now there will be real, live, counting-stats baseball on television.

Teams and players are starting to trickle into spring training camps; something always has me longing to go to Florida these next five weeks. That picture above is from around the era when I used to go visit my grandparents in Florida and we would hit up the various big league camps (Winter Haven, Plant City, etc.). It was a truly glorious time in life. My biggest stresses those days was would the ice cream truck stop by my grandparent’s Florida neighborhood and would I get the chance to ask for Barry Larkin’s autograph when we went to the training complex.

We really are getting closer to baseball season. We figured it was a great time to start this thread back up. Enjoy your Sochi Olympics, NBA All Star contests, or whatever the Hell it is you’re doing to keep busy while we all wait the storm out.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s probably the final Saturday of the baseball season – and we are a long ways from next April. Just because it’s a World Series we don’t care about doesn’t mean we aren’t still thinking of our favorite sport (even if NCAA football is on and there’s something comforting about that).

We’ll be here all offseason to have takes and react to the highlights in the baseball world. Enjoy your Saturday, and hunker down because despite being six months away it will be Opening Day 2014 before we all know it!

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s the best day of the week, with the MLB schedule down to it’s final four; two games, one in each league to help determine who will meet to play for the world title. Last night’s NLCS game one between the Dodgers and Cardinals in St. Louis was nothing short of UN-BE-LIEVABLE.

As for us, we’re hitting the golf course for what is likely the last 18 holes of the year. Another golf outing. More lost balls. And we’re missing Clayton Kershaw pitching in St. Louis! It doesn’t seem right.

Enjoy your autumn Saturday everyone. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers baseball kingdom.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s the best day of the week and the best time of the week and the dog days of summer are upon us. There are only about three or four more true summer Saturdays to go – time flies when you love the game – it really does go by fast. Soon the leaves will change and it will be football season.

But for today – which is really all that matters – we’ve got a full slate of baseball. Several races for playoff spots are about to get really interesting. And when there is drama and baseball, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Your Saturday Baseball Open Thread


On Saturday mornings like this one not too long ago, I was watching cartoons. Muppet babies, and Pee Wee Herman, and Gummy Bears, and I forget the other ones I was really into. It was a star-studded lineup. Saturday was also the day for WWF to put on their wrestling for the week – and I never missed it.

Now, I sit around like a mope waiting for the lineups to come out. Saturday is the best day of the week to watch baseball, unless the game you want to see for the week isn’t televised on FOX at 7:00. Or unless your wife has her mind set on going on a date and actually doing something with the best day of the week. That’s how I know I’m getting old: I’m content just to watch a game during primetime on Saturday evening.

The only thing missing is This Week in Baseball and that little claymation Mel Allen who hosted the show after the real Mel passed.

You listen to that, and suddenly it takes you back in time doesn’t it? Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

Your Saturday Baseball Open Thread


Saturday, the greatest day on earth. There’s no work for anyone and a full slate of games. The sun is shining and the farmers markets are packed. It’s a great day to go to the pool and listen to the game on the radio. It’s a great day to drink a few beers. It’s a great day to get in your seven mile run, if you’re into that. Saturday can be whatever you want it to be.

This game took place on a Saturday, only it was not in the summer but in October. I actually know it was a Saturday, because I skipped my first homecoming and called off my date with a girl to watch this game – I’m sorry Kelsey. It’s true.

Little Marquis Grissom, scampering in on a semi-passed ball. Randy Myers on the hill, Omar Vizquel at the plate. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was really happy for the Indians. And look at old Davey Johnson in that Baltimore dugout! I remember myself wishing that they they would play all night when this game was going on, and they basically did.

This was the game that swung that series and allowed the the Indians to make a World Series run.

Your Saturday Baseball Open Thread


It was a slow week for baseball, and a slow week on the blog. The Reds didn’t win all week long. Bryce Harper is still out. And until last night there wasn’t much in the way of an evening slate of baseball (I still don’t know how we survived last Monday).

The next time I update this blog, I’ll be in the city of lights. The city that never sleeps. I’ll be filling you in on all baseball betting, along with some other content you could only get from a gambler. Now there will be no classic MLB clip today, you’ll have to settle for this. It’s Casino boys and girls.

“So you’re a righty?”

Your Saturday Baseball Open Thread


Happy Saturday and welcome to the best day of the week to be a baseball fan. We’ve got baseball games from nearly sun up to sun down today, with the Rockies in Washington to kick off one of those whacky but relatively cool 12:10 starts in D.C. on Bryce Harper Bobblehead Day.

And again, because we’re obsessed with classic ballgames; you’re going to get an education on some 80′s vintage stuff right along with us. Today’s masterpiece theater is 1988 NLCS Game Four out at old Shea Stadium. The beginning of the end of the 80′s Mets dynasty (a dynasty that ended before it began, really).

Man it used to look dark at Shea. Happy Saturday of baseball everyone.

Your Saturday Baseball Open Thread


Happy Saturday baseball fans. Today is another weekend summer day of baseball you can never have back, so make sure you make the most of it. And I would imagine that ‘making the most of it’ is not sitting in the house on a beautiful day like this and watching Dennis Martinez’s perfect game from 1992 in it’s entirety on YouTube. But we’re going to allow you to do exactly that right here.

We’re warning you, once you click play and start watching and see the old names El Presidente was carving up that day like Brett Butler, Mike Scioscia, and Stan Javier; you’re not going to be able to just stop. Maybe just fast forward to the 9th inning and watch the inevitable ending of history.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.