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Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s our favorite day of the week, and our favorite time of the week. A Saturday afternoon with the full slate on tap. Every team is in play, and our second week of counting baseball is about to wrap up.

The week that was saw the inauspicious debut of Kris Bryant (welcome to the big leagues, kid). The Cubbies really are the Cleveland Browns of Major League Baseball.

Here’s your 80’s song of the week that should be played on a loudspeaker at a ballpark near you. The Cars are the greatest in our book. And this is a great video with a true 80’s babe (Susan Gallagher is her name).

The flag is always at half mass on this blog on a Saturday during the regular season; to salute the greatest sport on earth.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers. Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


This is the final weekend without baseball. With a new season will bring renewed hope. So fill your final weekend without baseball with whatever will kill the time. We have practically outlasted the long, cold struggle.

Soon enough, there will be games on around the clock; and daily storylines of real games to react to. There will be daily fantasy baseball to play and lineups to set. It’s going to be a six month-plus baseball smorgasbord and we’re all invited.

This is the best time of year. Summer is on the horizon and there’s nothing better than the spring beginning of a fresh season. One week. This is going to be the longest week of work ever.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s Saturday, and the start of the regular season is just over two weeks away. We’re getting so very close to a wonderful run of nightly games and story lines from the greatest sport on earth.

Last night was our ‘Jake Mauer Experience’ auction draft over on Ottoneu. I did only okay, I feel like I punted saves a little bit. But I ate like a pig and enjoyed a couple Jake Dogs (recipe below) and laughed like a little schoolgirl with a few of my buddies at a few of the draft exploits.

Recipe for a Jake Mauer Dog:
-Hot Dog of choice (we use Tony Pakos brand)
-Chilli (Skyline or Tony Pakos brand)
-Hot pickles
-Pretzel Bun
-Shredded cheese (optional)

I had three last night. Nothing says it’s baseball season like a dog named after the black sheep Mauer brother.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


Tomorrow marks three weeks until Opening Night at Wrigley Field. The days are starting to roll by. The week that passed will always be marked by Ferrell-mania energizing a weary nation (he has his own B-R page now).

It’s Saturday, and this post is always to salute the greatest game the universe has to offer.

I need to get into another series to pass the time on the last few weeks of the off-season. To a man, I’m not sure there was a series outside of Breaking Bad that I got more into then Nip/Tuck. This was the most powerful scene of that series. They don’t make them like they used to.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


Exactly four weeks from tomorrow, Opening Night will happen and baseball season will be here once again. In the last week, spring training games got underway and we have real baseball action again in play to talk about. You have to love the spring training games in the ritualistic sense that they’re relaxed scrimmages where guys are getting their work in and preparing for the long ride ahead.

I also love the way spring training box scores show up on some sites. It’s almost as if they want you to know the stats are so damn unofficial or something:

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 12.13.08 PM

Look at that rudimentary box score!

To kill the time, we’ll preview some teams, make some predictions, keep doing fantasy baseball research and talk about some emerging story lines until the season officially begins on Easter night at Wrigley Field.

Enjoy your Saturday – the best day of the week that soon will have a full slate of baseball games taking place while your grill is lit.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


Happy Saturday to all in the baseball world. Today is not just extra special because Spring Training is in full swing, but it’s the last day of February. We’ve survived it. The most dreadful, empty, bad weather, grey month on the calendar and after today it’s over.

In a few weeks it will be March Madness, and not long after that Wrestlemania, and then the main event; Major League Opening Day.

In between to keep our appetites wet will be some fantasy baseball draft and spring training games, names in box scores we don’t recognize, and a few key storylines that let us know what early direction the 2015 will be headed.

For now, enjoy your Saturday. We’ve almost made it! Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

Here’s another classic song from the 80’s, I’ve actually heard these guys perform after a Reds game. The don’t make them like they used to folks.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


Today I’m up early because I’ve had a nightmare I have more often than any other. It’s always the same dream. It usually happens this time of year.

It’s approaching spring. I’ve got my glove and my new bat ready to go in my bat bag; and I’m at the high school. Inside behind those locked doors are the same group of guys I grew up playing with (I assume we’re headed into our senior year). Like a cruel joke, I’m locked out of open gym and the batting cages. They’re existing indoors without me, starting a new season. My teammates are making throws and getting their arms sore; and the train is moving on from the station without the guy who loves it most. My baseball coach Jeff Riley is somehow always unreachable for me in this nightmare. I cannot let him know that I will be playing baseball this year – that I’ll be “trying out” – I am going to miss baseball season and it’s going to happen without me getting to play. This is the most horrifying nightmare I usually encounter in my life.

Today’s house of horrors dream was worse than usual. Not only did I miss tryouts completely, but by the time things got sorted out and I made it to school grounds my team was playing their opening game. I show up to a new field that was not our home park, and they’re christening the newly constructed glossy thing without me being in left field. ‘Those rotten bastards’ I think to myself. Didn’t anyone wonder where I was? I had always taken a lot of pride in being a good teammate. The best teammate.

I get to the field and my mother is in the stands. I don’t have a jersey so I ask her if I can steal the jersey off her back just in time to run into the dugout with my sliding shorts on under some athletic shorts. I’ll put on any pair of baseball pants available when I get in there. I’ll explain to them that I always planned on playing. She reluctantly gives me the jersey which she points out is not the same new one that my teammates are wearing. I don’t care – just give me the damn jersey and I’ll get in there and explain things – that baseball season can’t exist without me.

I get around the corner to the dugout, and of course it’s the opposing team’s dugout. The fellas have switched sides and we’re now on the third base line instead of the first base line which is the dugout I’ve entered as a Brave my entire life.

I finally reach my dugout and see a bunch of faces I don’t know. A bunch of new cowboys. I am searching frantically for a familiar face who will just know me. I finally see him, and he’s got his glossy nameplate above his brand new cubbyhole; it’s Nick Mott. Thank God you’re in here Nick, you can maybe help me sort all this out with coach.

The game is ongoing and existing without me. This thought is picking away at me in the back of my mind. Game one will probably go in the books forever without me even recording an at-bat. But I can let that go as long as I can force myself on the team. I finally reach Nick in the dugout for some comfort and I ask him ‘what’s going on man?’. He looks at me with some confusion and says ‘hey it’s good to see you, but is it true what everyone is saying about you?’

I pause for a moment, and in shock I ask him what is everyone saying about me? Tell me, Nick. All these guys in this dugout I don’t even know. It’s baseball season for God’s sake and I’m not even part of this team yet. But look at me – I’m in great shape – best shape of my life. Don’t I look ready? Are they saying I didn’t want to play this year? Where would such a lie generate from?

I continue to press him, and he doesn’t tell me the proverbial word on the street about me. Rule number one about personal sports nightmares: you can’t control what teammates say or don’t say.

I woke up from this in a complete cold sweat, giving you an idea about the angst and stress this bout of sleep has given me. It is then that I realize that I must face the harshest reality of all. It’s Saturday morning, I’m next to my dog. Indeed, Baseball season is coming and it will exist without me.

I will never experience another sore arm. I’ll never come to bat in another ninth inning with the game of the line. I’ll never have pine tar on my gloves again, lightly taking in the smell while I’m on deck waiting for my turn to hit. I’ll never slap hands in the line with the group of guys I love again after a win.

This period of my life that I loved so much is done and gone. No matter how long I live, it’s something that I can’t get back. It’s a nightmare I have to quietly face in my mind each day in the spring. Today it just happens to be why I’m up early. Like anyone else out there who used to play who no longer can, it didn’t end as I wanted it to. There was never that perfect closure for me, really. That last home run circling the bases. I’m the 99%. My last tie to the game I love is to write about it straight from my heart.

I’ll take solace in the fact that it’s almost spring – and I’ll think about the warmth of all the memories. There’s still something comforting about this time of year and baseball if you played it, from all the years left behind devoted to it.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers. Enjoy your Saturday, and know baseball season is on it’s way. No matter what reminder you have.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


There are 52 days remaining until Opening Day, and it’s Valentines Day. Valentines Day is really just a day designed to get guys in trouble because they ‘didn’t do enough’. It falls smack dab in the middle of the worst month on earth. A barren wasteland in the sports world, the weather is disgusting and we’ve all had our fill of snow and ice; although the NBA Saturday night All-Star stuff is tonight, if you can consider that a worthy distraction.

I just can’t wait until Saturdays like this one are filled with matinee match-ups and box scores alike. If there was a way to fast forward the time, I would happily sacrifice 53 days of my life to get this to pass. Every year, it’s a real struggle.

We’ll press onwards because the greatest sport on earth awaits us all. Have a great Saturday, get your wife some chocolates, and thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

Your Saturday Baseball Post

See the kids on the back of the bus – hitchin’ a ride?

First fantasy draft of the year tomorrow! That’s the good news. The bad news is that me, my wife, and my two month old are all sick. February absolutely sucks. February in Ohio is even worse. You have to love the weather swinging from negative temperatures back up to 40 degrees – that’s good for the old sinuses!

I picked up this bad boy last night:

Not because I really need it, but because buying one of these every year for bathroom reading is a right of passage and helps remind of the things I should already know. Like that they have Giancarlo Stanton on the cover but list him as the 25th most valuable player in fantasy – WRONG. Or they have Jay Bruce hitting just a paltry .237 this year – give me the over on that.

As a whole, fantasy magazines are too damn scared and conservative to ever make a bold prediction or go out on a limb. I love me some Mike Trout, but I think Stanton will be the number one overall hitter in fantasy this season. And all these magazines are too scared to say Billy Hamilton will steal 80 bases, numbers like 65 seem much safer for them. Take a damn stab at something!

And you all, take a stab at enjoying your Saturday. We can get through this, press onwards.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


With NFL season ending tomorrow, it’s full steam ahead with MLB season. That means a lot more content here, and other great things for you and I like the reactivation of keeper fantasy leagues, MLB talk returning to relevance on Sirius radio, and MLB Network gracing our household televisions nightly.

It won’t be long until Saturday represents a round-the-clock baseball bonanza and MLB the Show ’15 is out for release. Some great moments lie ahead, if we can just survive the most disgusting month of all: February.

We’ll all get through the struggle together. And then we’ll rejoice together.

Enjoy your Saturday – we’ve got a nice little Saturday of Babys R’ Us and possibly Bed Bath & Beyond planned. It’s going to be thrilling.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


Today, the final Saturday before Christmas 2014 hits on the calendar. This time of year will forever remind me of open gyms, indoor hitting, conditioning and lifting weights, asking my parents for things like eye black, pine tar, batting gloves, and if I was lucky enough; a new bat.

With as quickly as it feels like that the holiday has arrived this year, in some ways it is a reminder that before too long we will be opening up the 2015 season once again, celebrating in unison with other baseball lovers.

Until then, here’s Giancarlo Stanton getting a good piece of one from April 2014:

Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s the best day of the week, and there are two VERY big baseball games on today. With an ALCS of the friggin’ Royals and Orioles all but decided; only the Nationals and Dodgers can save us from a final four of boring teams.

So here’s to a little of the right kind of magic today. Because neither Washington or Los Angeles had any of that going yesterday. And let this open thread post be a reminder on this Saturday that if you hang around the park long enough, sometimes a little magic sprouts up out of nothing.

That’s still one of the best traditions baseball ever had and it came out of relatively nowhere. And then the Nationals organization decided to make it go kaputz. This was an awful idea, and if they know what’s good for them they’ll roll it out today in Washington.

Here’s to a great Saturday to you and yours. I know if you’re any type of regular checking out this blog you’ll catch some of the baseball action going on today. A legend could be born, dreams could die, the finality of playoff baseball is unparalleled anywhere else in sports.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


Finally, we have reached our expiration date on the baseball season. At the same time as saying ‘finally’, it’s come all too soon. And it’s sad.

This weekend is not only the end of the Derek Jeter era but possible countless many others. And the sun sets on yet another glorious, memorable and fun baseball regular season.

It won’t be long until spring comes and all 30 teams are back in play. Until then, we’ll hold it down here. As long as there is baseball to talk about and appreciate, we’ll be doing it.

Enjoy your final regular season Saturday, when the sun is pulled up into the disappearing summer sky for just a few extra hours for us baseball fans who love the game dearly.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


Just eight short days of regular season baseball remain counting this one. It’s hard to wonder how we got to this point in such a short amount of time. It’s the second to last regular season Saturday, which is always kind of somber.

It won’t be long until we’re pulling a Rogers Hornsby, sitting inside, staring out the window; waiting for spring to come.

We hope your fantasy team didn’t let you down and is still fighting for a championship; and we hope your real team hasn’t been mathematically eliminated. But if they have both failed you – make sure you take some time this Saturday to pay your respects to the greatest game on earth and at least check out a few innings of some action.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers. Have a great Saturday.