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Adam Dunn is a Hollywood Movie Star


Adam Dunn has long been one of our favorite athletes of all-time. Nothing can ever change that, not time nor space or argument from opposing fan about him being wortless defensively or a beer league softball player. He is spoken of as icon status on this blog, do you understand?

We always knew Dunner was capable of big things, and now he’s about to delve into a new realm and unleash his talents on the silver screen. Adam Dunn is going to be in a movie directed by Matthew McConaughey this summer.

Matthew McConaughey has a new movie coming out this summer called “Dallas Buyer’s Club” that, according to IMDB, tells “the true-life tale of Ron Woodroof, a drug taking, women loving, homophobic man who, in 1986 was diagnosed with full blown HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live.”

Dallas Buyer’s Club sounds like an unbelievable movie in the mold of Boogie Nights or something close. I would want to see it even if Dunn’s part was played by Casey Affleck or someone else who can’t act. To get Dunn is just a bonus. Hopefully he’s one of Ron Woodroof’s skirt-chasing, hard drinking sidekicks. This would be a natural role for Dunn that he played well in his years in Cincinnati before he settled down (it happens to us all around age 30).

This is the highlight of my very sad, boring day.

UPDATE: Dunn is cast as a bartender in the movie. This is perfect.

Adam Dunn the next in line for the appendix reaper

I’ve been complaining so far that my fantasy baseball teams are snake-bitten. Buster Posey, Hanley Ramirez, Cole Hamels, Joe Mauer, Jay Bruce, Fernando Rodney, Mike Stanton, Chase Utley, Pedro Alvarez, Matt Latos; and the list goes on and on. And now this:

On Tuesday night, Chicago White Sox slugger Adam Dunn underwent an emergency appendectomy after the team’s 7-6 loss to the Kansas City Royals in 12 innings.

The team was terming the procedure a “laproscopic” appendectomy and estimated Dunn will be out up to five days.


There’s been no more dependable guy in the last decade than Adam Dunn. The guy plays nearly every day. But this just further confirms that if I pull for you, if I draft you in fantasy baseball, or if I like you; you’re screwed. And to think I thought Dunn was the steal of the year in maybe my most important fantasy league that counts OPS and doesn’t count K’s. The entire room went nuts when I selected him 3 or 4 rounds later than he should have went.

Damn you Adam Dunn appendix.

Today might have been Dunn’s swansong in Washington. “On Tuesday night, Adam Dunn will do what he has already done 159 times over the past two seasons, more than any player over that time. He’ll slip on his No. 44 Nationals uniform, listen to the national anthem and take his place in the field at Nationals Park. The routine will bring with it a pressing question: Will he ever do it again?” [Nationals Journal]

For Gods sakes let's give Adam Dunn a long-term home

There’s lots of talk about the Washington Nationals not wanting to re-sign Adam Dunn solely because of his defense:

“the team continues to view Dunn’s defense at first base as a sticking point, and is reluctant to give him the four-year deal he prefers because of it.” Goessling quotes an opposing team’s scout as saying that “the only person in the front office who wants to re-sign him is the owner.”

The same scout went on to make the absolutely absurd claim that Dunn’s defense at first base “costs them half a run a game” and “is worse than it looks on paper.” In other words, there’s a person paid to watch and evaluate professional baseball players who thinks Adam Dunn has cost the Nationals about 80 runs with his defense this season. To put that in some context, the Nationals have allowed a grand total of 724 runs this season.

We have debated this before–but why can’t this guy find a home? Why does he continue to be one of the most prolific sluggers of the era, and teams just discredit this work year after year?

Dunn was an outfielder as early as last year; and honestly there are a lot worse first baseman out there.

If you read the post above, it comes from one scout who isn’t looking at Adam Dunn objectively. As someone who saw him play a ton of games he never appeared to be that nonathletic or buffoonish that he couldn’t play first base. Let’s be honest, there are some complete slobs playing the position in this league.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the off-season. Adam Dunn again enters the free agent market, with an owner in his corner that wants to sign him. It really does feel familiar.

The Night Before Strasburg

[Box Score]

[Better off Red] []

Last night will go down in my personal history book as the longest amount of time I’ve been at a ball park, the longest rain delay I’ve sat through, and the latest I’ve been at a ball park to see a conclusion of the game. By the time last night’s game wrapped up, it was past midnight. Judas Priest’s “Rocking After Midnight” was blaring on the loud speakers at GABP.

We got to see a lot of Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez last night. It’s worth noting that he’s sitting on 2,776 hits. Does he hang on long enough to get to 3,000? He’s 38 years old. I think he’ll get there but it could take three more seasons to do it. Still, he’s a first ballot Hall of Fame player and I’m glad that I got to see him in person.

The struggles continued for Jay Bruce. He got his first RBI of the month with a groundout. In the first inning he laced a shot that one-hopped the wall in left center field for a double that broke the second longest hitless streak of his career at 0 for 16. After he doubled, “Born to Run” played on the loud speakers at the park. It was kind of cool.

Jay, if you ever see this; we’re sure hoping you put it all together soon. The roller coaster ride is killing us on a nightly basis. Be the player that not only you can be but that you are. Just go out and play and relax. I miss the guy who had power to all fields and who was a virutal menace to get out if you threw him a fastball.


I watched Nyjer Morgan a lot last night. This guy by far looks like the angriest ballplayer to ever play the game. He has a stone cold, mean look on his face like he’s ready to kill someone. Not just some of the time, but the entire game. He looks completely pissed. I asked Nyjer if he wanted some peanuts; he replied with a stone cold death stare and a simple “I’m good”.

Small man’s syndrome?

I miss Adam Dunn. It’s no secret. Dunn struck out to end the game last night on a questionable call. I had a feeling that he was going to celebrate his homecoming with a majestic blast off Micah Owings or Mike Leake. It wasn’t meant to be on this night. Dunn remains the player who has homered more times then any other when I’m in attendance at the ballpark. Joey Votto is gaining quickly.


Dunner in the dugout. Before the game he did his ritual that I saw him do a hundred times when he was a Red. He takes a giant cooler of water up on to the bench in the dugout and takes out a wet towel from the cooler. He throws the towel over his face until his head is completely soaked. He does this after running sprints (jogging) lightly in the outfield. Just thought I’d share, he’s still preparing to play in the same way.


And then there’s Mike Leake. Leake gets the first victory of the year while I’m at the ballpark. This is the second time I’ve seen him pitch in person. Seems like I always draw Arroyo or Harang. But on this night, Mike Leake was mighty enough to improve to 7-1 on his career.

In Regards to Couch Surfers

This morning one of our favorite writers Paul Daugherty had a take on something I want to address:

Many props to the GM, who said in his first meeting w/the media that Job One was “changing the clubhouse culture.” I’ve been ridiculed on occasion for a column a few years back that urged Baker to get rid of the giant sectional couch in the clubhouse. Metaphorically, the couch represented some of what ailed the Reds. Too many players with too much influence spent too much pre-game time lounging there, reading expensive-car catalogs and hunting magazines. When I started seeing Jay Bruce do the same, I knew something had to change. I might have mentioned that to Jocketty and The Big Man. Whether that mattered at all, I had no idea. A few months later, the two prime Couch Surfers were history.

Uh, wow. That right arm get tired Paul from patting yourself on the back or no?

And this is the guy I defend to my Uncle who says that no one in Cincinnati can write. You’re making me look bad Doc.

After I’m done bowing down and giving you credit for helping rid us of a future first ballot HOF guy in Ken Griffey Jr. and another guy who plays 160 games a year and posts one .900 OPS season after another; why don’t you try some new thought on for size?

Dunn, for instance, has been applauded for his work ethic in Arizona and Washington since he left Cincinnati. I’d also like to ask you Doc, to name another Major Leaguer who has torn his hamstring completely off the bone and followed up that season with a 35 homer season? That might have been one of the finest of Junior’s career.

You think the couch being gone has changed the culture? See, I don’t. I’ve watched as much Reds baseball for the last 15 years as anyone, and I see something different. I see pitching. I see a bunch of grinders who don’t care about stats. But more then anything, you’re missing the point of why the Reds lost in that era. It wasn’t because Griffey and Dunn liked to sit on the couch and read magazines. It was because we were trotting out pitching staffs that included the likes of Tom Shearn, Elmer Dessens, Paul Wilson, Jimmy Haynes, and I could go on but you get the point.

To cast Dunn as a scapegoat–let alone take credit for getting him out of here–is so weak at this point. You get me a guy in here who puts up the numbers that Adam Dunn did and continues to year in and year out and they can come in and lounge around the clubhouse all they want. Hell, they can crap in the middle of the clubhouse postgame spread. You ask Dunn’s teammates and the reason they loved him was because he brought it every day, hurting or not. The guy is a ballplayer. I don’t even need media credentials to know that’s how it is.

Like I said, I usually like your takes Doc. This one was brutal.

Adam Dunn haters won't like this post

So did any of you see the list of the Top 100 Players of the Decade compiled by Rob Neyer over at ESPN?

I constantly come across Reds fans who want to discredit Adam Dunn; but the bottom line is Dunn was the only Cincinnati Reds player to even make the list.
And I know a good player when I see one. A guy who has long-term presence in the big leagues. Dunn should have been ranked on the list higher then #79 (Bartolo Colon had a better decade? C’mon).
Bottom line? Reds fans can hate all they want and say that Dunn was ‘terrible in left field’ (that’s all they’ve got), but the guy was the most relevant part of this franchise for the past 15 years or so. No one aside from Dunn was worth the rest of the baseball world caring about; this list is further proof.
So when Adam Dunn is a Hall of Famer someday with his 500 to 600 clean home runs, you remember that Diamond Hoggers told you all along the guy was a hell of a ballplayer. Reds never should have let him walk out of town.

Adam Dunn pranks Marty Brennaman

Here’s an oldie but a goodie.

This was during a rain delay back in the day, and the former and inaugural Godfather of Diamond Hoggers prank called that crotchetty old radio voice of the Reds. And I’m glad that someone did.

Marty, do you have your shirt on?” Good stuff.

Probably not the first time you’ve heard it, but it should garner a giggle or two if you are an Adam Dunn fan, or if you realize how grouchy Marty Brennaman usually is when he’s having a bad day on-air.

Oh yeah, he's gonna get it

No secret that we’ll always have a soft spot here for Diamond Hoggers Hall of Famer Adam Dunn. We appreciated what Dunn brought to the game long before almost anyone else did. We preached the same things that are now being brought to light by the Washington Post’s Thomas Boswell. And we’d have done it for a fraction of his salary (and credibility):

“Dunn was the most misunderstood player I have heard about in recent memory,” Rizzo said. “The way he was misconstrued [in Cincinnati] was almost unbelievable. He plays banged up. He’d go out there 162 games if you’d let him. [Except Pujols] he’s the most consistent player in the game the last six years.

For the rest of this homestand, fans may watch Dunn try for an exotic, but meaningful record: 40 homers in six straight seasons. He needs two more. Only Babe Ruth ever had seven straight. More interesting, Ruth is the only player with more than eight seasons of 40 homers (11). If Dunn gets No. 6, he may someday stand second only to Ruth. That would get noticed.

Dunn has five games left to hit two homers and get his 40 homers. And guess what all you fuckos who snarled at us when we said Dunn was a future Hall of Famer? Babe Ruth territory is pretty good, we’d say.

We’re not going to be shocked one bit when Dunner goes into Sunday with 39 home runs and goes out with the rest of the country focused on the NFL and the impending MLB playoffs and he slugs out his 4oth blast of the year. He does it every season. It’s like clockwork and it’s been amazing to watch. Our money is on him reaching the milestone yet again in dramatic fashion.

Adam, we miss you dude. God knows Johnny Gomes got everyone’s dick hard in Cincinnati hitting his 20+ homers for our loser Reds this season and you’d have happily done twice that at a bargain rate.

We continue to remind you of Adam Dunn’s dream season. “After an off-season of drawing somewhat limited interest despite an impressive résumé, Adam Dunn has rewarded the Washington Nationals for their faith in him by hitting 37 home runs while reaching base more times than Ichiro Suzuki. Dunn’s .281 batting average and .409 on-base percentage are career highs. He has reached base 244 times, or 18 more than Suzuki, who is hitting a robust .355 for the Mariners. The change has not taken away any of Dunn’s famed power, though; his .565 slugging percentage is the highest he has had since he slugged .569 in 2004.” [NY Times Bats Blog]

Can the Big Donkey hit .300?

This is the first season since Adam Dunn was a rookie that we didn’t own him in fantasy baseball. It just would have been too painful. And wouldn’t you know that he would go out and have a career year in style?

Dunn at the moment is OPSing at a .998 rate, with 33 home runs and 89 RBI. But the real caveat to Dunner’s statistical season is that he’s hitting .286 for that paltry Washington Nationals squad. That’s a terrible lineup that provides opposing pitching staffs little reason to give Dunn anything to hit at all. The guy still goes out, plays every day, hits his arcade video game-style bombs, and manages to hit nearly .300 until late in the season.

That silence you hear is all of the turds who always talk about what a one-dimensional player Adam Dunn is. Where are you now you know-nothings? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Adam Dunn is going to be a Hall of Famer years down the road. Any Reds fans who didn’t want him in Cincinnati this season, let me know how it is watching Darnell McDonald and Drew Stubbs play out the string in the outfield. Sure is fun isn’t it?

Rock on, Dunner.

Adam Dunn homers for the 300th time

We have been waiting on this moment for a long time. And it’s got to get some mention. Adam Dunn slugged his 300th home run of his career yesterday on the 4th of July.

We have always seen Dunn as a guy who is going to end up with 500 and 600 home runs, and with him being only 29 years of age; it is looking more and more like a probably possibility. In this day in age, hitting 300 clean home runs says a hell of a lot about a power hitter.

But it’s bittersweet. We saw a high percentage of Adam Dunn’s homers when he was making his stake in this league as a young player. We thought he’d chase down these types of milestones with the Cincinnati Reds. Things didn’t work out that way. It’s hard to see him do this in another city, but that is the way sports go. We still keep an eye on him in the box scores and admire his Ruthian blasts from afar on the nightly highlight shows.

So Adam, congratulations. We miss you buddy. Here’s to 300 more–we know you have it in you.

For all the Cinco de Mayos, Past & Present

Let us not forget, it is Cinco de Mayo. Back in our drinking days, this was a very big day for us. And we’re not sure why. It was a great excuse to party on some patio of any old bar in town. The warm weather, the beer, the baseball. What else does a man need? In college it was the time of year where you went No Holds Barred and turned every night into a 28 beer blackout affair. You live, you learn, you grow up, you get sick, you can no longer drink like a frat boy. Shit happens.

But we have to grin on this day because it’s the unofficial Adam Dunn day. No one but us would ever realize this but it’s always a day when Adam Dunn seems to go out and hit a big home run. Go back and check his game logs from May 5ths of years past. The guy loves May 5th. And although now he’s hitting his Playstation-style homers in another big league city, we don’t forget the great nights he gave us even more reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo for all those years in the past. And who are we kidding. He probably went out and had himself about 15 Coronas post-game on his own.

Don’t be surprised if he hits a dinger today before it’s through (he’s 0 for 2 thus far in Washington).

And now in honor of the Dunner, a little Night Ranger. He walked up to the plate to Sister Christian during his entire time in Cincinnati. Ah, those were the days.