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The Night the Reds offense Put me to sleep at the Ballpark


[Box Score]


I went down to Cincinnati last night with my buddy Joe to see Bryce Harper take some cuts. I was one of the 38,812 last night in a stadium that seemed packed to the rafters. A stadium that was so very quiet all night long because the Reds collected just four hits and as they so often do when the stadium is a sell-out; they just let down.


Jayson Werth didn’t get any knocks last night, here he is after reaching base on a walk.


One of the cool parts of the game was a Bald Eagle flying in from center field after the National Anthem. I think his name was Sam the Eagle.


Alfredo Simon just didn’t have it last evening. He went 4 and 1/3, gave up nine hits and three earned runs. Denard Span owned the Reds last night, tuning them up for four hits on his own.


Man, Jay Bruce is really struggling. He didn’t really sting anything all night long, and he’s down now to .219 on the season. I don’t know what is wrong with him. I hate to say it, but perhaps he just needs a change of scenery. There’s no reason for a player of his caliber to be having a season like this. Star players simply do not struggle in this matter. It’s painful to sit back and watch him endure.


The biggest thing that Bryce Harper did last night was robbing Billy Hamilton of extra bases with a web gem, top-ten catch. It appeared that he re-injured himself at first. Always the fear with Harper. We’ve got video of the catch below:

Harper went 1 for 4 with a hit off Alfredo Simon, a walk, and a run. I didn’t realize during the game that he actually tweaked his stance again.


Here is the Budweiser Party Deck out in Right Field. It was a happening spot last night on a beautiful Friday evening just off the river. One of the only spots that Reds fans could generate any excitement. One of my friends who texted me while I was at the game remarked that ‘beer sales were probably up last night’. He had to have been correct. I had six on my own in about forty minutes. That combined with the Reds offense made me feel really tired.


Baseball Gods: help Jay Bruce turn this thing around.

With a new & improved stance, Bryce Harper takes K-Rod Deep


It was obvious at one quick glance that something was different about Bryce Harper’s stance this Friday evening in Washington. It almost looks as if he tore a page out of Adam Laroche’s book with his new-look adjustment at the plate. He looks more relaxed and was able to get himself into a hitting position by simplifying his hands; not holding them as high as the past Harper would have.

The results were tremendous: a line drive single to right, a single back up the box, and he turned on a 93-MPH Francisco Rodriguez fastball to right field in the bottom of the ninth.

As great as K-Rod has been for most of this season for Milwaukee, this is definitely a good sign.

I watched a good portion of this game, and it was a frustrating one for the Nationals. They banged out 11 total hits, with ten coming off Kyle Lohse. It just seemed they could never capitalize on scoring opportunities. Stephen Strasburg had a weird night. It seemed like his stuff was entirely nasty and he was missing a ton of bats (nine strikeouts), but the Brewers made it hurt when they connected with a couple of home runs and bases clearing double. This too often is the Strasburg the Nationals are getting when they need a true, frontline ace to take hold of their division.

The Nationals lost by a final of 4-2.

Bryce Harper finally got one tonight


Harper’s second home run of 2012

A Friday night in Philadelphia and Bryce Harper is mired in what seems like a one for forever slump. There are whispers that he’s not catching up to fastballs, even some wondering if he has the ever-dreaded ‘diminished skills’ at age 21 from all the injuries.

Nothing quiets these fears into a serenity momentarily like a nice bomb to right field to get some jeers from those brutal Philly fans.

Harper only had one hit tonight, but this was exactly the kind of confidence builder he needed to get something really big going. Something tells us that he’s going to be the driving force behind getting the Nationals past the Braves in the National League East division race. These teams are tied for the division lead as the night ends.

You figure A.J. Burnett will be hanging them up soon – but before he leaves the game forever the kid from Las Vegas touched him up for one. It’s good to see. It’s good for the game when this kid is hitting. We are really pulling for him.

It was the 44th home run of his career. It was his third at Citizens Bank Park. It was the 35th off a righty, and first time he’s gone deep hitting sixth in the Nationals lineup. It was his 28th solo shot.

The Nationals lost the game 6-2.

Bryce Harper: This is SportCenter Commercial

ESPN is continuing to do what they can to make Bryce Harper a perceived superstar. He’s not holding up his end of the bargain, but hopefully that comes along in due time.

We like Harper, we like everything he stands for, we believe the talent is there. But we watch him night in and night out and it just isn’t happening. Something is off, and has been since he ran into that wall in Los Angeles last season.

Bryce Harper watch party, my house


One of our favorite talents in the game is back tonight; freshly-activated from the disabled list to get some swings off some poor bastard who is faceless on all the major sports websites, Yohan Flande. That just sounds like runs, doesn’t it?

I’ll have the game on at my place. And by ‘watch party’ in the title of this post I mean it will be my wife (for a few innings) myself, and my dog. I’m still excited!

Something tells us this is finally the stretch of Harper’s young career that he stays healthy and OPS’s something insane over a half season without issue. And the Nationals are winning that division.

Bryce Harper should be back in one week


We’re willing to cut a deal with the baseball Gods here: let Bryce Harper stay healthy from his presumptive return on July 1st until the end of the season. Do not let him have one single, solitary issue regarding his body parts or health until the season ends. Give the fans who pay homage to this great game each night one healthy half season of Harper; and we will not use curse words while watching the games for the rest of the season. We promise.

Harper began a rehab assignment last night, going 1 for 1 with a walk. The Nationals plan to activate him a week from today when they play at home against the Colorado Rockies. What a glorious occasion that could be.

Gut feeling is that Harper returns, the Nationals are the most feared team in the game in the second half, and they roll the Atlanta Braves in the National League East. The pieces are coming together for them before Harper even returns. If he comes back, and if he stays healthy; we would be willing to bet that he’s a half season of unstoppable. And that’s good for the game. There’s not much out there we would like to see more.

Please, protect this man baseball Gods.

I Wonder if Christina Kahrl Knows Baseball at all


It all started a couple years back when ESPN held some stupid post about which outfielder had the best throwing arm. Christina Kahrl – the co-founder of Baseball Prospectus (a site I love) – ran off a list of guys who had decent throwing arms but were nowhere near as good of throwing outfielders as Jay Bruce.

I brought this to her attention on twitter, and instead of admitting that she possibly omitted a guy who should have at least made their little list; she spits back some meaningless, stupid stat I’ve never heard of like ‘his don’t run on me percentage is ninth among NL right-fielders’. I knew right then that we were dealing with someone who:

a) Simply only watches large-market teams and stars – completely alright if you miss Bruce on the list because you simply don’t see him play. Not a good excuse, but it’s at least a reasonable excuse.

b) Someone who watches baseball about like 99% of most women out there.

c) She was ‘statting’ players, not scouting or watching them. I think this was what she did.

No matter how many times I pointed out that despite runners not testing Jay Bruce at all; he still at that point led the NL in assists or appeared on the leaderboard every season. It wasn’t good enough for Christina.

Then today I stumble upon (days late) the hype-fest that is the ‘ESPN Francise Player Draft’. This started out fun a few years back, and it’s continued to get more ignorant with each passing year. It is interesting, nonetheless. Jim Bowden always reaches for the guy I really like.

Not shocking, with all the wonderful players in baseball you could build a franchise around; she reaches for Bryce Harper because; ‘she’s all about upside value’!

The Hell with taking a guy like Puig, who appears to be the best young player in the game left to select (Trout was off the board as he should have been at one), or Giancarlo Stanton, or a guy who could win three more MVP’s before Harper gets through a season without a sprained something. No! Christina wants Bryce Harper because he has upside and he’s going to be good in a couple of years. Fuck taking the guy who is good you know; now.

A clear superstar like Carlos Gomez comes off the board at 21 overall, and continues to rack up the WAR on a nightly basis while Bryce Harper is a twitter spokesperson for Apple Gatorade and some of the finer dining areas in Washington. I have news for our quasi-famous Christina: if you build your franchise around Bryce Harper it will go belly-up and you will be selling meat out of the back of a truck within a matter of years.

This is coming from an admitted Harper fanboy who is tantalized by his talents; but the guy is more of a celebrity than a baseball player and until that changes you leave him on the board for someone else and if you luck into selecting a player two overall in all of baseball to build around, pick someone who actually stays on the field and produces.

The stupidity of these experts – namely Christina Kahrl – is just astounding! I am pretty sure a few years back it was Michael Cuddyer who she tried to argue with me had a better throwing arm than Jay Bruce.

On Bryce Harper, and his latest injury


Bryce Harper not only hits the DL – but will require surgery on his left thumb. This injury will sideline him for at least two months, robbing the fans of baseball of one of it’s better young players; and robbing one of the better young players in the game of his season. This could easily make 2014 a lost year for Bryce Harper, done before it ever really got underway.

And it absolutely sucks. It sucks for everyone involved. It’s the ugly side of the game.

But I want to touch on something that I noticed before Harper got hurt. I don’t think he likes Matt Williams, I’ll come right out and say it. I witnessed a player who was not having fun playing the game, and I think the reason behind it was a manager who did everything he could to hit Harper towards the bottom of the order. Let’s just forget the benching for lack of hustle altogether, since Harper said he agreed with it. I think as Harper hits the DL, he does it with a sense of great relief; and I personally think he was at a point where he wasn’t enjoying something he’s mostly always enjoyed.

Harper has not shown the ability to stay healthy with any regularity in his big league career. Pundits want to blame Matt Williams for this injury and that’s not really fair either; Harper had a lot of trouble staying healthy regularly before Williams wore a Washington uniform. Whether it was a flu, a knee, a ding, a bang, a scrape, Bryce Harper is a magnet for any type of injury big or small. That’s as important of a tool as a player can have, and Harper lacks it.

There is frustration from fans who love the game because this kid should have every opportunity to be an ambassador of the game.  Without staying healthy, he’ll never have the opportunity to do it.

Bryce Harper Makes his Triumphant Return to the Upper Deck


Bryce Harper is no longer a stranger to struggles. He was dropped to seventh in the order this evening, and the Nationals found themselves in a 5-0 hole early against the Miami Marlins against left-hander Brad Hand.

Then Harper put on his cape and won the battle in a ten pitch at-bat with an upper deck three run home run. The Nationals would later get a grand slam from Jayson Werth to cap off a huge rally, overcoming the 5-0 deficit as well as a late 7-6 to win the game 10-7.

The home run was the 43rd of his career, and ninth against a southpaw. It was the 24th time he’s gone deep at Nationals Park.

Anonymous MLB Players are polled to the tune of interesting results


Over the years – it has became a rarer and rarer occurrence for ESPN to have a feature that really reaches out and grabs you. Today, they posted an item that will be featured in the upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine that is about as ‘must-read’ as it gets for a baseball fan.

Here’s what we learned (actually, we’ll highlight the graphic above since you know exactly what we learned):

  • 24% of polled MLB players feel Bryce Harper is the most overrated player in the game. He’s followed up closely by Yasiel Puig at 21%. I guess that means we have an affinity for overrated guys.
  • 81% of those polled feel baseball is ready for an openly gay player.
  • Best estimate at the percentage of players still taking PED’s is 9.4%.
  • Mike Trout was voted an overwhelming 56% as the best player in the game. Agree wholeheartedly there.
  • It’s about a split on if the polled players want Alex Rodriguez kicked out of the players union.
  • Clayton Kershaw has mad, league-wide respect.

In all, 143 players were polled. Any time we can get a look inside the mind of what those inside the game feel and believe, it’s worth reading. This would include takes from professional scouts, and it would certainly include players themselves like this poll did.

And as for the most important takeaway take from the whole bit – Bryce Harper has been a bit overrated so far – even if he’s been pretty good. If his career has one feel to it, that’s the word you might use to describe it. It’s not a bad thing because the best is yet to come.

Washington Nationals 2014 Team Preview


It’s Bryce Harper’s age 21 season. This is his year. He’s the only choice to headline this post.

The 2013 was supposed to be the Washington Nationals year. We had them representing the National League in the World Series. We had Bryce Harper winning the MVP award. We had Davey Johnson – our dearly beloved little R. Lee Ermey-style manager riding off into a sunset cussing, and holding a trophy. We thought they would win 100 games. So what the Hell happened?

Things looked according to plan two weeks in last year. They swept the White Sox to move to 7-2, before getting swept at home by the Braves and eventually ending April with a 13-14 record. Bryce Harper went from tearing the cover off the ball to running into the right field wall in Dodger Stadium. Things continued to unravel all year long with blown leads by a shaky bullpen and questionable decisions by their Skipper that made observers question his sound-mind. By the time they were ready to start putting the toothpaste back in the tube, it was too late.

They would go on to a noble 86-76 finish. It displayed a lot of the fight and character left in the group that will take the field in 2014. A 23-11 run that began on August 20th scared the bejesus out of a couple other teams who were in the driver’s seat for the Wild Card spots. The Nationals were on fire. But it was too late to save themselves from the sins of their short past.

But all is not lost. They’ve got a new weird manager at the helm in Matt Williams. Bryce Harper’s knee is healthy, and as promised; he got as big as a house. The Nationals return an impressive core and GM Mike Rizzo made a few under-appreciated moves that will have this team knocking on the doors of contention again in 2014.

Major Off-season Moves:

  • Traded for LHP Jerry Blevins from the Oakland Athletics.
  • Signed Nate McLouth to a two-year, $10.75 million dollar contract.
  • Traded for RHP Doug Fister from the Detroit Tigers.
  • Signed LHP Mike Gonzalez.
  • Traded for Catcher Jose Lobaton.

Perhaps we should all tamper expectations on everything until the Nationals show us that they’re ready for the big time – but what fun would that be?

The Nationals young star power is what intrigues us. From Harper to Strasburg to Rendon to Ramos to some of the guys in the minors like Lucas Giolito, A.J. Cole, and Brian Goodwin; Washington has a lot to like in their future if they can show us that we’re in the beginning of the run by making another one.

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Here’s a yoked Bryce Harper carrying some Girl Scout cookies


Here’s one of the famous images making it’s rounds on the interwebs today. It’s Bryce Harper at Spring Training, presumably today, carrying two boxes of girl scout cookies.

Harper looks tremendous. We had not previously noticed a big difference in him, but when you look at this picture he looks like a power lifter. He also has tremendous taste in girl scout cookies, I believe that is thin mints and Samoans, and the fact that I can ID those at such a quick glance is why I look nothing like Bryce Harper right now.

On a baseball related note – we just hope his swing plane hasn’t changed at all due to the muscles.

Part two of the Fanduel Preview Series (We’re part of it)

Part Two of the Fanduel Fantasy Baseball Preview Series deals with ‘players worth reaching for in a fantasy draft’.

If you’re getting ready for that fantasy draft (we have three next weekend), make sure you’re keeping up with the Fanduel series.

We’re a little surprised that no one considers taking Harper in round one a ‘reach’. It’s definitely classified as such. If he’s there and it’s the end of the first round and you’re deciding between him, a bat like Beltre, or an arm like Kershaw, you sir are about to reach. We say he’ll be worth it.

Our buddy writes for Rotoworld – the perks of such


Thanks Mike!

It’s always nice to have friends in high places. One of my good buddies just saved me the trouble of my yearly tradition of dropping $8.99 on a fantasy magazine I’ll mostly only read in the bathroom and then go completely against on draft day.

Mike Rosenbaum (best known for his work at B/R’s Prospect Pipeline and The Golden Sombrero) and avid co-host of The Baseball Show Podcast with us has a feature article a few pages into this year’s edition of the Rotoworld fantasy fishwrap. Check it out:


So when you buy this year’s copy of Rotoworld Fantasy Baseball, give Mike’s Top Prospects article a read. If you’ve spent any time here listening to the podcast in the past you know Mike is good shit when it comes to talking baseball and prospects.

And thank you Mike for the free schwag!