Max Scherzer’s Return To My Fantasy Team

I think it was during the 2015 season that I had Max Scherzer in fantasy baseball and traded him away. I don’t remember the exact package, but it was the last time I owned the ace (or really any ace for that matter, unless you count Syndergaard).

Now, here we are. Full circle, and Max is back on my team for me to try to run down a title with a bunch of band-box hitters. He takes on the Arizona Dbacks in his home park. I expect Max to stink up the joint, of course. That said, it’s the first time I have been semi excited to own a pitcher in a while.

And it’s Max Scherzer entering the twilight of his career. If you’re looking for sure a sure thing in the way of pitching performances, this has to be the guy; right?

With my luck, he has some type of weird arm soreness for the first time in ages. We’ll update, of course.