Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Continues To Find His Way Out of The Wilderness

[Box Score]

Slowly but surely, Cody Bellinger is finding his way. On Sunday in San Diego I figured he would sit with lefty Sean Manaea on the bump for the Padres. But in the break even game, Bellinger played. It ended up the 16th multi-homer game of his career.

What’s impressive is the first home run comes off a change-up and is to the opposite field power alley almost. The second home run is lovely as well, but again mostly to deep right center. These aren’t dead-pull jobs that a one-trick pony hitter pulls off luckily.

No, Cody Bellinger is again showing signs of being the MVP player he was in 2019. The home runs came off a slider, and a change-up.

Right now, he’s got four bombs on the season. And if he keeps this up, he’s going to be in the MVP conversation for the Dodgers as crazy as that sounds and with all the star power they have. His ceiling is higher than anyone on the roster.

It’s worth mentioning that Clayton Kershaw got another win throwing his 70 or so pitches. The Dodgers are baseball’s best team some two=plus weeks in. Bellinger just needs to keep it going for 162 games, and we think he can again put up some truly incredible numbers.