Bellinger Bombs

Beginning with the 2018 season – here is a record of the home runs that Cody Bellinger has hit while I was watching the game live on television. In honor of my dad’s favorite Dodger: “Woody” Bellinger.

[April 1st, 2018 – Easter]

[April 13th, 2018]

[April 21st, 2018 – Cody Bellinger Bobblehead Night]

[May 1st, 2018]

[May 12th, 2018]

[May 15th, 2018]

[May 19th, 2018]

[May 27th, 2018]

[June 8th, 2018]

[June 22nd, 2018]

[June 24th, 2018]

Home Run #1

Home Run #2

[June 27th, 2018]

[August 2nd, 2018] (I was in the RF Pavillon, Grand Slam)

[August 9th, 2018]

[August 18th, 2018]