Throwing it around

We were kind of in a brief rest-period this weekend with Memorial day in session. We turned off our brains and rested them. Editor George drowned himself in alcohol on a South Carolina beach. That said, the baseball blog world continued around us, and now that the week has began a day late, the show must go on. Look at this picture of Kevin Youkilis, and tell me he doesn’t look like a cartoon character or something awful. I mean really, I want to stop staring at it but I just can’t do it. Please help me stop looking at it.

  • Talk of the Indians sweep in Detroit (The Tribe Source)
  • A recap of the Indians close but no cigar loss in Boston on Memorial day (The Tribe Source)
  • More on the Indians sweep of the Detroit Tigers in Detroit; ya it was kind of a big deal. (The Diatribe)
  • Adam Dunn trade talk, and some interesting contract details of his that you might not have known. Please be smart Reds–DO NOT TRADE ADAM DUNN. (Redleg Nation)
  • The Cincinnati Reds weekend review, with some great photos. (Redleg Nation)
  • In the spirit of Memorial Day, remembering 6 Major Leaguers who served our country and died for our freedom. (One More Dying Quail)
  • Fun with Wikipedia MLB leaderboards focuses in on Fausto Carmona. (A Price Above Bip Roberts)
  • So, Curt; what did you think about your start against the Indians? 10 K’s and another win for Schilling. (38 Pitches)
  • Ryan Howard is back, and back in a big way Phillies fans. (The 700 Level)
  • Get to know the writers of ‘The Dugout’. (The Big Picture)