for the PS3

So last summer I broke down and bought a PS3. One of the better decisions I’ve ever made. I’m told that there is an option where you can stream through your Playstation 3 like NetFlix and get all MLB games for the year on your television.

Here is a snippet from a user off a baseball message board we post on and what they had to say about the feature:

I used my PS3 last year almost exclusively to watch MLB.TV on it. There is an application that you load onto your PS3 then you sync your MLB account and it works.

The picture quality is okay, I wouldn’t say HD quality.

I experienced issues a few times with wanting to wait about until the 3rd inning before I started the game – so I could fast forward through commercials until the end. Not sure if they have this fixed, but several times I would get to the end of the game (8th/9th inning) and it would stop loading. I would then need to wait until the posted the archive copy and then start it from there.

Now originally I was planning on saving that money for a round of golf or a honeymoon and finding the games I need on a free site like ATDHE or something. But this just might make it worth it.
What do you guys think? Is it worth it? And if I purchase for use on my Playstation 3–can I also watch it on my iPhone using the same purchased account log-in?

Rob Neyer a Royals Fan? Who Knew?

ESPN writer Rob Neyer gives you a view of who he is in one of today’s Sweet Spot posts. It’s kind of nice for a change. But is it easier for him to do this because no Royals fan can be taken seriously right now? I mean, they’re not a threat to do much of anything. So you can’t fault a guy in the media for having a rooting interest in the ‘poor little old Royals’.

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Throwing it around

It’s hump day. The week is dragging but still we’re all halfway home. And yet–halfway home to what? There’s no sports on this weekend unless you count the NFL Pro Bowl or the NHL All-Star Game. Both of which are brutal. First time we’ve done the link-dump with the site’s new digs. Hope you like today’s menu selections:

-Jayson Stark gives his perspective on the Albert Pujols negotiations. [ESPN]
-Via the Golden Sombrero, Craig Calcaterra speculates about Grady Sizemore‘s future past this season. [Hardball Talk]
Bartolo Colon is a Yankee. [River Ave Blues]
-Do you need to know more about Mike Trout, the #1 overall prospect? [Halo Hangout]
-It’s a few days old, and it’s by a writer who I haven’t heard of. But Jay Bruce is one of SI’s break out players. [Sports Illustrated]
-The Braves might add Jorge Cantu. This would be a great addition for them. [Capitol Avenue Club]

It’s been 7,000 Days Since the Reds sent Eric Davis to the Dodgers

This tip came to us from Chris Jaffe over at The Hardball Times today.

Chris lets us know that 7,000 days ago today the Reds decided to ship away one of the greatest players of my era. Eric Davis became a Los Angeles Dodger. And the story goes that he was going to re-unite with his childhood friend Darryl Strawberry from the hood over from his and they were going to team like like mega powers out in the sun in Los Angeles. It didn’t exactly work out that way.

It’s actually ranked among the worst Dodger trades of all time. They gave up Tim Belcher and John Wetteland in that deal.

Also and kind of coincidentally, born 10,000 days ago today probably with a cup of high end Starbucks java in his hand out of the womb; Joey Votto.

We’re glad our guy dances with the girl who brought him to the dance

Here’s a story you’ll definitely want to read–and one that we definitely want to have as part of the blog.’s Paul Daugherty tells us about the scout who signed Jay Bruce and the words of wisdom that he told his fellow Texan even as a very young man.

“Don’t forget where you came from,’’ Brian Wilson told the 18-year-old the day the Reds drafted him with their first pick in ’05. Actually Wilson, being a Texan like Bruce, said, “Dance with who brung you.’’

In other words, remember. Who you are, where you come from and how you got here. Repay the generosity loan.

“He told me what I was getting myself into,’’ Bruce said. Bruce was 18 and leaving home and signing a big bonus deal, and he was doing it all overnight. Wilson kept Bruce’s head from blasting off its axis. “For someone to take that time and show that initiative meant a lot. His job was to scout me and sign me and lobby the Reds that I was worthy of a first-round pick,’’ Bruce said. “All the other stuff was just him.’’

Bruce’s job was to make Brian Wilson look like a smart man. And, to remember to dance. Brian Wilson Field will have lights and a scoreboard and the greenest of grass, in a part of town where green grass is a wish and not a metaphor. “In a not-so-affluent part of town,’’ in Bruce’s words.

Bruce won’t stop there. He’s taking over for Aaron Harang in the free-ticket business. He will maintain Aaron’s Aces, Harang’s ticket giveaway to military families. He will add a second ticket program, for families of special needs kids, to honor his 28-year-old sister Kellan. Kellan Bruce was born with her umbilical cord wrapped twice around her neck. The initial loss of oxygen left her mentally disabled.

“I’ve learned through (Kellan) not to take things for granted,’’ Bruce said.

This is clearly one of the best guys in all of baseball–which is one of the reasons we’re drawn to Bruce as a player–beyond his physical ability and potential.

You hear the same thing from every Cincinnati fan. Bruce is a guy who makes you want to root for him. You really want to see him succeed beyond just the normal amount of success because he is a quality person.

As someone whose fiance works with the developmentally handicapped on a daily basis, this article really hit home to us and it’s good to know that those families will have the opportunity to sit in a special section to watch Bruce and the Reds play in 2011.

It’s Soon to Be Baseball Time

The NFL football season is over. It’s time to look towards a brighter day. And in just 65 or some odd days the greatest sport on earth will be delivered to us all.

You’re probably wondering why the larger than life picture of Jason Heyward is up there. I can explain. Everyone has their one thing they’re excited to see in 2011. For me–other than the Reds and Jay Bruce and how they’ll rebound from their first playoff appearance in a decade and a half–I’m living for Jason Heyward’s 2011. A full, healthy season as a 21 year old playing down in Hotlanta with some decent protection in that lineup should serve him well.

Anyone who has read this blog before should know that we’re HUGE Jason Heyward fans. In our fantasy baseball keeper league we’ve already selected him as a keeper. He’s the staple of our team. In 2011, we pull for three things: 1) the Cincinnati Reds, 2) Jason Heyward, and 3) anyone who plays the Phillies on any given night.

We think Heyward is going to arrive on the scene in a huge way and a year or two ahead of schedule. Cannot wait to see the big man hitting ropes all over the park. He might be reason enough to scrape together the funds to get MLB Extra Innings.

Heyward just really seems like a good dude. He’s like the inverse of a guy like Lebron James. He’s flashy, yet humble. We like his game and we like where his head is at.

Last year he topped the list of the Top Prospects in MLB. This year’s Top 50 Prospect list was announced last night. Definitely get to know the names. Mike Trout, Jeremy Hellickson, Bryce Harper, Domonic Brown, and Dustin Ackley round out the top five. Aroldis Chapman is listed sixth–a snub but whatever.

It’s truly going to be an epic season.

How ya like my shiny new shoes?

We promised you a new and improved Diamond Hoggers and here you have it. Almost four years from the day we first started we have a new platform and format. And it figures to stay this way for while.

Some things will take some getting used to. All of the YouTube videos of the past were lost in the transition. All the old posts are formatted poorly. But we’re all here. And we’re looking onward. And I’m reinvigorated to bring you the best baseball blog on earth here in 2011 and beyond.

Now the madness can finally begin. And now that we’re on WordPress and off that Godforsaken Blogger garbage that we got way too much mileage out of you better prepare for a cornucopia of baseball goodness.

I promise we’ll be bringing it like never before.

*And by the way, those shoes above are Scottie Pippen model Air Maestros from back in the day. I made my mom buy them for me one summer after seeing Pip wear them in the NBA All Star Game (the only time he ever wore them). And after I returned to school from the summer I made it through one day with the kids of 6th grade torturing me about them until I came home and wanted to throw them away. If only I still had those and they still fit. They would be worn with pride.

Diamond Hoggers is getting a facelift

The posts have been down on the site as of late. We apologize, but you’re in for a treat. Within a few days, the site will have a complete overhaul and will look like a real, credible blog. Hat tip to Linda Lee of Ask My PC who is doing the work for us.

The week we come back from hiatus, not only will the site look pretty and professional; but it’s Hideous Baseball Week. Don’t forget to send us your nominations.

In the meantime we’re also busy creating a Fantasy Baseball Keeper league comprised of only baseball bloggers. So we’ll keep you posted on that. If you want to send us some crafty fantasy baseball names, do so in the comments section or shoot us an email.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

Let me tell you how this Albert Pujols thing is going to work out

Each day, I’m getting inquiries about Albert Pujols. People want to know how much do I think he’s going to get per year. They want to know if the Cardinals are going to get this done. They want to know where he’ll land if the Cardinals don’t re-sign him.

Today, Jon Heyman of SI is reporting that the two sides are far apart.

While neither side is talking publicly, early word is that Pujols has used A-Rod’s contract, the richest in baseball and one that guarantees him least $275 million over 10 years as the only comp … The Cardinals, meanwhile, are said to have initially suggested a contract that would guarantee Pujols at least a bit less than $200 million. The exact particulars of their offer or offers aren’t known, but there is a belief around the game that the Cardinals are hoping to keep the deal to seven years or less.

Obviously, it’s Jon Heyman. He’s been inside the game a lot more than I have. Good reporter, and if he says something you can usually take it that the smoke leads to fire.

But if I tell you that it’s Easter–you better start coloring you eggs on Friday.

Ultimately, I see the fold before a lot of people do. I guarantee you that the Cardinals get this done. It might drag out past the purported deadline. It might look bleak and send people in the land of the golden arch into a panic. Reports and stories all over blogs will break that Pujols is destined for Anaheim, the Bronx, Los Angeles, etc.

And the Cardinals will get something down in the perceived 11th hour to keep him a Cardinal for lifetime. Trust me on this.

The Cardinals aren’t going to allow the greatest player in the modern history of their franchise and maybe this game altogether to walk out of town. It’s just not going to happen. And even if it’s going to take some shuffling, Pujols will remain a Cardinal.

If I’m in charge of the Cardinals or I own the team–I try to see how we can get this done feasibly. If it can’t get done feasibly, then I see what parts can be moved to free up the funds to get it done because if I don’t it’s going to mean serious loss and a possibility of never recovering. You don’t just replace Albert Pujols with a blue chip prospect. I don’t care who it is, it’s not going to put butts in the seats or have people perusing your website like this legendary figure does. It would be bad business if they let him walk. And you’re not going to trade the guy. That’s disaster waiting to happen.

Look for the Cardinals to move one of the big three of Matt Holliday, Chris Carpenter, or Adam Wainwright if they must. Look for them to get creative. But don’t look for them to ever let Albert wear another uniform. You heard it here first. Pujols isn’t going anywhere.

Hideous Ballplayer Week (3rd Annual) is on it’s way

Not this week, but the week after will be ‘Hideous Ballplayer Week’. It’s the week before the Super Bowl or the dead week. So you’ll have plenty of time to help us out with your submissions.

Hideous Ballplayer Week is a time-honored tradition around here. It is the one time that names like Mike Gallego or Tom Foley get mentioned on a baseball blog. Otherwise they’re long forgotten because they spent their time in the sun hitting .229 for seasons at a time.

Here’s how it works, you submit to us a hideous ballplayer or baseball story of your liking to our Twitter or at Diamondhoggers_at_gmail_dot_com. We’ll do some research just to verify that the player is indeed hideous; and we’ll run the post telling you why he was hideous.

We can’t do this alone, we need your help. And just think–it will start getting you ready for the season to start. Tommy Manzella, keep it up. You’ll be part of this feature one day as well.

These guys don’t have to be the guy who failed to get a hit in 18 career at-bats. That’s almost not even having the chance to qualify for being hideous. If you’re thinking of the guy who constantly got on your nerves by having one horrible at-bat after another over the course of his career; you’re on the right track. If you have a story or anecdote that illustrates something surrounding the game of baseball that is completely inexcusable and awful, we need it. It can really be anything, even the time your girlfriend told on Todd Frazier at baseball camp.

So get your thinking caps on. It’s almost hideous ballplayer week at Diamond Hoggers.

Reds ‘lock up’ Joey Votto for 3 years, $38 million

Reports are that Joey Votto and the Cincinnati Reds have agreed on a 3-year deal today worth $38 million dollars that will allow the two sides to avoid arbitration.

To me, I still think there’s a shot that Votto isn’t a Red to see the end of this contract. It’s obvious that this isn’t a long-term deal. The reason for that is that Votto is probably wanting more money than the Reds know they’re ever going to be able to pay him.

The club should be commended for awarding the MVP a raise without having to have their arm twisted in an arbitration case.

This deal also gives a portrayed ‘window’ for the club and the player to work out a deal, but in two years from now–which is a relatively short time in sports–if no deal is worked out for a longer term deal the Reds will probably start fielding offers for Votto. This could happen even sooner and it will be key to watch what the Reds do with Yonder Alonso in that time. If Alonso remains a Red, it’s a telling sign that the club doesn’t feel that Votto is going to be in Cincinnati beyond the life of this deal.

Anyone who thinks that Votto is going to be a career Red at this point is really going out on a limb.

DH Video Select: Drunk on a Construction Lift

Non-baseball video for a lot of you to kick off your weekends with today.

Here we have Steve, a garden construction worker from a place most likely not too far from Lancaster, Ohio or Hermitage, Pennsylvania.

We have it on good information that this video is in fact real; but the fact that the arresting officer looks like he spends a lot of his time at the nearest Tim Hortons or Jolly Pirate Donuts does not help things. Of course the guy wouldn’t be in any kind of shape.