Another reason why MLB The Show is the greatest video game of all time

We’ve never been shy about expressing our love for MLB The Show’s video games. Now there is an all new reason to love this game.

Developers of MLB The Show 11 have now made the game playable for disabled gamers.

The 25-year-old baseball fanatic has cerebral palsy, making it impossible for him to play the game he loves in real life.

That didn’t stop Smith from making the majors, though.

A few years ago, Smith wrote a letter to Sony’s San Diego studio, the developers of the top-rated “MLB: The Show” series, and the producers were so moved by Smith’s passionate words about baseball, the Cardinals and their video game, that Sony went ahead and created Smith’s character in “MLB 10: The Show.”

According to Smith, seeing the cyber version of himself gave him a feeling like never before. It was as if by some miracle his cerebral palsy ceased to exist nine innings at a time.

It’s a feeling he wants to share with other disabled gamers.

Smith gets that chance in “MLB 11: The Show” as, thanks to the gamer’s growing ties with Sony’s development team, a new difficulty level has been added to the franchise that will make it possible for more gamers with disabilities to get their cracks at the plate against diamond kings like Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee.

Uh, this is sweet.

No I’m not talking about that life-like face scan of our boy J-Hey. But to give an opportunity to the disabled that they wouldn’t have with other video games. This is really thinking outside of the box and a good business decision because it allows The Show to appeal to yet another market aside from the others that it already dominates (with the hardcore bleacher bum fan being predominate).

We’re firm believers that people with disabilities should be afforded the same opportunity as people without. For this, we applaud the show for improving upon what was already the greatest baseball (and in our opinion any game) video game ever made.