for the PS3

So last summer I broke down and bought a PS3. One of the better decisions I’ve ever made. I’m told that there is an option where you can stream through your Playstation 3 like NetFlix and get all MLB games for the year on your television.

Here is a snippet from a user off a baseball message board we post on and what they had to say about the feature:

I used my PS3 last year almost exclusively to watch MLB.TV on it. There is an application that you load onto your PS3 then you sync your MLB account and it works.

The picture quality is okay, I wouldn’t say HD quality.

I experienced issues a few times with wanting to wait about until the 3rd inning before I started the game – so I could fast forward through commercials until the end. Not sure if they have this fixed, but several times I would get to the end of the game (8th/9th inning) and it would stop loading. I would then need to wait until the posted the archive copy and then start it from there.

Now originally I was planning on saving that money for a round of golf or a honeymoon and finding the games I need on a free site like ATDHE or something. But this just might make it worth it.
What do you guys think? Is it worth it? And if I purchase for use on my Playstation 3–can I also watch it on my iPhone using the same purchased account log-in?