This is the greatest video game of all-time (MLB 10 The Show)

I gave MLB 2k8, 2k9, and 2k10 opportunities. Year after year they gave me things to rant and rave about–in a negative way.

It was the worst most non-authentic baseball gaming experience I’ve ever had. That line of video games will never figure it out. Honestly, someday soon they’ll lose their licensing rights to making games and they’ll be done.

I am upset that I waited so long to purchase a Playstation 3 and buy MLB 10: The Show. I am not kidding, if Playstation never has another game come out that is worth a shit; this game alone makes it worth it.

This is the most realistic sim baseball game I’ve ever played in my entire life, and I’ve played all the great ones starting back at RBI Baseball on NES and leading into Hardball 5 on the computer.

I got my PS3 a solid month and a half ago; and I’ve waited writing anything about the game because I don’t want to prematurely crown the game without really seeing if it’s this great. Like a fine bottle of wine, it’s done nothing but get better and better.

I’ve got two franchises going. My primary franchise is with the Cincinnati Reds of course. When the Reds are playing shitty in real life and disgusting me, I switch over to playing with the Atlanta Braves. I’m having terrible seasons with both and building for the future.

That said, on a night to night basis there are so many things you can go after in the way of career accolades, real hitting streaks that are tracked, and hot prospects in the upcoming draft.

I’m not kidding–this is the greatest video game I’ve ever played. Not just baseball game, but video game. It’s absolutely sick, and after having it several months I could still stay up all night long playing it until the early morning hours and missing work. If I’d had this game as a kid, I’d have returned to school in the fall pasty-white because I wouldn’t have left the basement.

This will be a game that girlfriends and wives love to hate and a game that all die-hard baseball fans should have. It will make you a better and bigger fan of the game. Just had to do a post thanking the creators of this game. It’s truly unbelievable and realistic.

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