Reds ‘lock up’ Joey Votto for 3 years, $38 million

Reports are that Joey Votto and the Cincinnati Reds have agreed on a 3-year deal today worth $38 million dollars that will allow the two sides to avoid arbitration.

To me, I still think there’s a shot that Votto isn’t a Red to see the end of this contract. It’s obvious that this isn’t a long-term deal. The reason for that is that Votto is probably wanting more money than the Reds know they’re ever going to be able to pay him.

The club should be commended for awarding the MVP a raise without having to have their arm twisted in an arbitration case.

This deal also gives a portrayed ‘window’ for the club and the player to work out a deal, but in two years from now–which is a relatively short time in sports–if no deal is worked out for a longer term deal the Reds will probably start fielding offers for Votto. This could happen even sooner and it will be key to watch what the Reds do with Yonder Alonso in that time. If Alonso remains a Red, it’s a telling sign that the club doesn’t feel that Votto is going to be in Cincinnati beyond the life of this deal.

Anyone who thinks that Votto is going to be a career Red at this point is really going out on a limb.