It’s been 7,000 Days Since the Reds sent Eric Davis to the Dodgers

This tip came to us from Chris Jaffe over at The Hardball Times today.

Chris lets us know that 7,000 days ago today the Reds decided to ship away one of the greatest players of my era. Eric Davis became a Los Angeles Dodger. And the story goes that he was going to re-unite with his childhood friend Darryl Strawberry from the hood over from his and they were going to team like like mega powers out in the sun in Los Angeles. It didn’t exactly work out that way.

It’s actually ranked among the worst Dodger trades of all time. They gave up Tim Belcher and John Wetteland in that deal.

Also and kind of coincidentally, born 10,000 days ago today probably with a cup of high end Starbucks java in his hand out of the womb; Joey Votto.