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Michael Taylor has the worst game in baseball history

There was a time I thought Michael A. Taylor was such a toolsy player. He reminded me of a Reggie Sanders type player. Michael Taylor is still toolsy. Sometimes, “toolsy” guys go 0 for 5 with a platinum sombrero, and then this happens:

There are a lot of elements in play here. Again, second straight night that the Bums have a wild walk-off win in the magic of Dodger Stadium. What a magical, mystical place in that far off land.

Corey Seager homered earlier in the game. And of course, Yasiel Puig is back kicking out stable car windows like the Puig of old; the crazy sumbitch. He’s just the type of player who ends a game with a Little League home run of sorts.

Dodgers win 4-3. These really are the types of things that happen to Dusty Baker teams over and over again.

Bryce Harper hits home run 15 at Dodger Stadium

Here’s Dodger Stadium in all it’s glory. This is a series I really wanted to try to be at for my first trip to LA; but my wife shot that down because we move into a new home next week and we’re having our second child in about two months. Timing just isn’t good. Oh well.

So, I watched a lot of this one on television. No Vin Scully for the viewers, Scully wasn’t feeling well so Charlie Steiner and Orel Hersheiser took the reigns for a game.

In the first inning, Bryce Harper hits a rapier laser the other way to left field off Scott Kazmir. This would give the Nationals a 1-0 lead which eventually grew to 2-0. I was actually tired and went to bed.

But when you go to sleep on Dodger Stadium, you chance missing the magic.

Yasmany Grandal who is still probably hitting .181 hit a three-run home run in the bottom of the 8th inning off Tanner Roark, and that would be the last say the Nationals would have in it. Dodgers win 3-2 in a game in which Bryce Harper hits his 15th home run of the 2016 season and the 112th of his career.

Corey Seager sits atop the Baseball World


I think at the moment, this is the best player in the National league. Well, I’ll preface that; best offensive player for you Kershaw ball washers. But Seager is more fun to watch.

I honestly owe this one to Vin Scully. About a month ago I made a promise to myself I was going to start watching more Vin Scully and Dodger home games. Until that point, I had not really focused on Seager’s game.

It didn’t take long to see what all the hype was about.

Yes, everyone will talk about Seager’s three-homer game during his rookie season that happened on Friday night. And it spawned into a five-home run weekend. But for me, it was seeing some little things like his composure, the smooth stroke, the home run off a Kevin Siegrist, a Javier Lopez (two nasty lefties whom lefties don’t think about homering off of) or getting Thor Syndergaard on a night when no one is getting much. It’s seeing Seager battle a 10-pitch at bat and work a walk when the Dodgers are down ten runs at Wrigley Field and about to get swept. He simply never gives away an at bat. I never saw that because I was watching so much Harper, Correa, Trout, Betts, Bogaerts; you name it.

So here are the two others Seager hit. He has twelve home runs since May 11, the most in baseball by any player. He’s going to assault Nomar Garciaparra’s record of 30 home runs by a rookie shortstop as long as he stays healthy and he’s going to do it in a big home ballpark.

The Dodgers won the game 12-6. They completed the sweep of the lowly Braves.

By far and going away, right there with my favorite player in the National league to watch at the moment. Special, special young player. Oh, and Vin Scully is on the call again tomorrow night.

Last night, Corey Seager was the magic inside Dodgers Stadium


Yesterday early on in my day, I made the decision that with my wife and daughter out of town on the Jersey Shore; I was going to turn out all the lights and watch some late night Dodger baseball. And what a good decision it ended up being. I simply cannot think of a more relaxing thing in life than a dark room, a fan blowing and just me alone with Vin Scully.

I also had the feeling early on that something magical was going down at the Splendid Lady in Chavez Ravine. My gut and intuition as usual, were right.

Corey Seager hit three majestic home runs, and the Dodgers topped the Braves 4-2. I passed out before the third one happened. But just look at these beauties:

Corey Seager is going to be a very special player in this game. And when I awoke this morning, I felt about as refreshed as a guy can feel. It’s probably because my wife and daughter didn’t wake me up at 7:30. But when I got some charge to my phone and saw not only that Muhammad Ali had died; but that Corey Seager had hit three home runs on Friday night, I realized last night was a night in sports I’ll remember forever.

Kris Bryant baptises the left field scoreboard at Wrigley with Julio Urias’ help

It’s been a bit since we’ve checked in with our buddy Kris Bryant; but yeah this kid is awesome. When I think about Bryant, I think about the batting practice and Home Run Derby I saw him at live last year in Cincinnati.

You really can’t have an appreciation for how much different a ball looks off his bat than any other player. It is a high, arching, swooping fly ball that just keeps traveling and lands deeper than you think it will. I guess it could have also been the angle, but I don’t think so.

Today in a classic little afternooner at Wrigley, he got rookie Julio Urias real good.

The Cubbies won this game 7-2. It was the second straight day that Bryant homered; his 14th. Yesterday he got Michael Bolsinger, too.

Thor & Cespedes’ Strange High-Five

This followed up Noah Syndergaard’s home run deep into the right center stands off Kenta Maeda at Dodger Stadium tonight, Thor’s second home run of his career. Even Vin Scully gave this a little chuckle. Vin knows about left handed cigarettes.

And I was just thinking tonight about how Syndergaard looks like Mitch from Dazed and Confused with that hair. The shoe fits.

I’m not watching nearly enough Vin Scully


Vin Scully has been on fire lately; as if he knows the sun is setting so he wants to really give us all a great series of finales to remember him by.

And suddenly, I realize I’m simply not enjoying the treasure that is this man quite enough for what is his last season. Because there’s nothing like late night at Dodger Stadium and Scully telling stories and narrating a baseball game. Be it fatherhood, or whatever; I need to really start soaking this in before it’s gone for good.

The Dodgers are on the road for five and then begin a nine game homestand next Monday night. It’s my mission to watch the Dodgers about five or six of those games, regardless of what else is going on.

I owe it to Vin. Plus, he might talk about the number thirteen or babies.  Or Don Zimmer. Or bird shit. Or crack pipes.

The old man can read me the yellow pages. I’ll be tuning in.

Paul Goldschmidt Spoils Vin Scully’s final Dodger Stadium Opener


[Box Score]

Possibly the saddest thing for us during this baseball season: this will be Vin Scully’s last season in baseball.

Yesterday afternoon at Dodger Stadium was his last first day. Paul Goldschmidt came into town as a guy who always spoils nice things at Dodger Stadium, so when he hit a 425-foot monster homer to help the DBacks steal the game, it should have came as no surprise.

Paul Goldschmidt owns the Dodgers, and is the finest hitter in the National League today.

Mike Fiers No-Hits the Dodgers in Houston


[Box Score]

Mike Fiers has shown before that he has pretty nasty stuff, but he had never thrown a no-hitter until last night.

Fiers struck out ten Dodgers on an impressive 134 pitchers for the first Astros no-hitter in over 12 years last night. The Astros also equaled the Dodgers in win total (67) with that win, and overtook them with a 3-1 victory tonight.

Clearly, one of the best stories in baseball this season. When a guy you traded for around the deadline throws a no-no a few starts into his tenure, you know it’s a magical year in the making. Another hard to believe fact: this was the first no-hitter in Minute Maid Park History.

Video: Fiers’ no-hitter highlights. []

Bryce Harper homers into the upper deck off Kenley Jansen


Bryce Harper homered off of a bad man on Saturday afternoon at Nationals Park. It looks like he caught a 93-MPH two-seam fastball tailing over too much of the outer half of the plate, and he deposited it violently off a seat in the right field upper deck.

It was his 27th home run of the season. He’s been homering at a regular pace, but it’s been a bit since he’s hit a moonshot like this.

Clayton Kershaw took the mound for this 4-2 Dodgers win, and it was just one of those incredible days for the Koufax of our era. He had 14 strikeouts in eight shutout innings, getting Harper to go down on strikes three times. By the time the Dodgers brought Kenley Jansen in to mop up the ninth, a ferocious right-handed closer like him probably seemed pretty human to a mutant like Harper.

Yasiel Puig is back tonight


The baseball season has been just a little bit quieter this season, save for 11 games played in April. Yasiel Puig just didn’t have the opportunity to get much going before hamstring problems sidelined him for almost two months.

He’s been activated, he returns tonight late-night at Dodger Stadium; and he’s hitting third against a pretty tasty left-hander in Jaime Garcia.

We love Yasiel Puig – we have really missed him being a part of this 2015 season. There are great odds that he does something very Wild Horse tonight, kicking out a few stable car windows and leaving destruction in his wake tonight. With Clayton Kershaw on the bump and Vin Scully on the call, there’s a nice little Dodger Blue homeostasis going on right now at baseball’s mecca.

Joc Pederson is Roy Hobbs


And here you thought Roy Hobbs was fictional. We have to admit in full disclosure: we knew so little about Joc Pederson at this time last year, we thought the damn guy was black! To be fair, it was spring training 2014.

We know him now. Everyone else should too. He’s hitting home runs at a record clip for a rookie. He homered again last night while you were sleeping. This was the fifth straight game he’s done that. 4He’s up to 17 now, one behind Bryce Harper for the National League lead. We thought that Yasiel Puig’s beginning to his career was amazing (it was), but this has turned into an entirely different animal.

The guy is on some kind of incredible roll. We have no idea where he ends up, but clearly he’s a reason that we think the Dodgers are the favorites in the National League to reach the World Series even with their problems. And to be able to pair Roy Hobbs next to the Wild Horse for the next decade if they want… times are so good in Los Angeles.

A Great Read on Steve Garvey, Los Angeles, Life off the Field, Hollywood, the Dodgers, etc.


We had thought we linked this story done in 1980 for Newsweek, Inside Sports by one of our favorite writers – Pat Jordan – long ago. Stumbling through the archives, it’s nowhere to be found. We originally read this last year via the Deadspin Stacks.

If you’ve got some down time on a Saturday and you’re around the computer, and you want to read a weird story about what it was like to be a star player in Los Angeles in the 1980’s (which later became infamous writing with some of the things that came out about Garvey), you should read this.

Friggin’ love Pat Jordan. Some of his Deadspin excerpts here.

Giancarlo Stanton hit one out of Dodger Stadium and into the San Gabriel Mountains last night


[Box Score]

Something about Los Angeles, Chavez Ravine, The Dodgers, everything out there in California has a real mystique and magic about it. It’s my number one bucket list place on earth.

Last night, Giancarlo Stanton added to the legend that we consider the grandest lady of them all.

The Marlins are such a strange group right now. This was the only run they scored. They lost once again. But you can count on Giancarlo Stanton just going out and giving a phenomenal effort despite where the Marlins are in the standings. A true warrior who will not rest until they’re atop the mountain.

On Tuesday evening, Mike Bolsinger provided the kerosene for a legendary Stanton bomb.