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Vin Scully’s send off at Dodger stadium was magical


I am so numb right now.

It’s been a tough day. Between the death of Jose Fernandez (and Arnold Palmer also passed), and the goodbye to Vin Scully; I am just emotionally spent.

The Dodgers had an incredible walk-off win today for Vin Scully’s final game at Chavez. Dodgers trailing 3-2 in the ninth, and there’s two down. But Corey Seager was at the plate, and of all the greats that Scully has seen play, you better believe it’s special that Seager did this to tie the game and “pull the sun back up in the sky” just a few more moments with Scully in the booth:

Charlie Culberson would of course homer in extras to give the Dodgers the 4-3 win. But there were no fireworks.

For the first time that I can ever remember, I sat and had a good cry over something to do with sports. And the reason I cried is because Vin Scully addressed the crowd one final time, and then sang “Wind Beneath My Wings” to them.

And my wife saw it all. For all in this world that is ugly, and patronizing, and backwards; and it’s everywhere right now…. there’s a prince like Vin Scully. Something that is the real article. That’s what I said to my wife. And then I told her that I hope they win it all as I might have wiped a tear out of my eye. And I do.

I have been listening to this guy for as long as I can remember. The truth is, I wasn’t ready for this. I would have never been ready for this.

In-Depth on Corey Seager’s Record Season


After Tuesday’s game, Seager is now hitting .316 with 185 hits, 25 home runs and 40 doubles. The only rookies in Major League history, according to Baseball Reference, to hit at least .300 with 25 homers, 40 doubles and 185 hits as a rookie are: Albert Pujols (2001), Nomar Garciaparra (1997), Tony Oliva (1964), Ted Williams (1939), Joe DiMaggio (1936), Hal Trosky (1934) and Dale Alexander (1929).

He is on track to having the greatest OPS+ by a rookie shortstop all time. Chicago Cub Charlie Hollocher (1918) is the current record holder at 134. [Dodgers Insider]

Yasiel Puig, Madison Bumgarner, and Vin Scully describing the Scene

Just when you thought you had seen the last of Yasiel Puig, Dodgers outfielder. The Bums win another wild one last night, 2-1 at Chavez.

This was too good not to get on the site, somewhere. Seriously though: eff Madison Bumgarner. Guy is an asshole.

h/t: Deadspin for the video.

“And it’s a grand slam from Andrew Toles! And the dodgers have come back from the dead!” – Charlie Steiner


So you’re telling me that the Dodgers signature moment of the 2016 season wasn’t called by Vin Scully, came in a game that Corey Seager actually had zero hits, and came from a big hit from a guy named ANDREW TOLES?!?!

Maybe this wasn’t magic at all. Maybe it was just Coors Field. And Rich Hill was supposed to pitch but he has the blister again.

Dodgers win 10-8.

Corey Seager, Dodgers Record Holder


This one was very meaningful. On a picture perfect Saturday afternoon at Dodger Stadium in a 3-2 win against the Cubbies, Corey Seager got the scoring started with a home run off Jason Hammel, his 23rd of his rookie season. This was also significant because it’s the Dodgers record for a shortstop.

This was of course, a textbook Seager home run. He’s not dead-pull. He’s not always going the other way. He sprays the ball. What a season the 22-year old is having.

Kris Bryant’s MVP Game


[Cubs 6, Dodgers 4 (10 innings)]

Last night’s game at Dodger Stadium was EVERYTHING you could have wanted in a baseball game. It was an early instant classic of the regular season. And I had the pleasure of watching the entire thing for the most part.

The Dodgers looked in control of this one, and should have won the game. National League MVP candidates Kris Bryant and Corey Seager squared off. With the Dodgers up 4-2 in the 8th inning after an Adrian Gonzalez home run, the Cubs needed life. Bryant crushed his 34th home run of the season to cut the deficit to 4-3, and this put his average over .300 on the season.

Things weren’t done from there.

Kenley Jansen entered in the ninth, and if you watch baseball at any regularity you figured this game was ending 4-3. But Jason Heyward made himself somehow-useful. He doubled off Jansen to begin the ninth and would score the tying-run with one out on a wild pitch.

Bonus baseball was awarded with Vin Scully on the call. And I might have to change my MVP vote from Seager to Bryant on a count of what happened next.

Bryant comes back up against a southpaw – Dave Roberts has no clue how to manage a bullpen, God love him – and Bryant hits a predictable two-run shot that ices the game for the Cubs. It was his 35th home run of the season and he’s at .303 on the year.

The Cubbies absolutely stole this one with their best player headlining it. We’re all better off having seen this one, if you saw it.

Corey Seager Once Again Out-Slys the Fox (Matt Moore)

This one all goes back to the ‘magic’ we continue to talk about down at Chavez Ravine.

Following up a HUGE 1-0 victory by the Dodgers on the night my son was born, the Giants are about to get their payoff. In a must-have game for the Giants, Matt Moore is going to throw a no-hitter at Dodger Stadium.

Except; no he isn’t. Because .322-hitting Corey Seager is going to duckfart one into right field and with two out in the ninth and the dream of the Giants’ no-no on their big getaway day at their hated rival’s place is over. Moore looks slightly annoyed.

Even in defeat, the Dodgers crowd gets to feel like (and sounds like) they won a little bit on a night they lost. Magic.

Giants win 4-0 – you know – kind of.

The Magic was Magic last night down at Chavez Ravine


[Box Score]

Magical night last night at Dodger Stadium where the Bums had a statement win over the Giants and their ace Madison Bumgarner. And the Dodgers lefties went to work early on MadBum. This surprised me – I expected the Giants to win this game because the Dodgers are so lefty heavy.

But Corey Seager did what he always does; multi-hit game. Little Andrew Toles homered. Adrian Gonzalez is slashing like he’s 25 again. Some guy named Rob Segedin – we know exactly who he is but you don’t yet, and shouldn’t – slapped a home run off Bumgarner. Vin Scully was on the call.

It’s all working for the Dodgers right now.

Kenta Maeda - Mr. Reliable
Kenta Maeda – Mr. Reliable

Kenta Maeda wasn’t perfect, but was good enough to get his 13th win and without a doubt he’s been the glue that held this makeshift rotation together.

Corey Seager sets milestone in the Queen City

Ah, damn. If my son wasn’t due any moment now I would have probably been at this series. Next year, for sure.

Anyways, today’s Businessman’s Special down in Cincy was a good ol’ ambush by the Bums on getaway day. Adrian Gonzalez hit three bombs, and Homer Bailey was out of the game before completing three frames. The Dodgers won the game 18-9.

And tomorrow night, things return to magical Chavez Ravine where the Giants and Dodgers do battle with first place on the line. Madison Bumgarner vs. Kenta Maeda. Vin Scully on the call. Are we lucky or what?

Report: Clayton Kershaw ‘feels 100%’


And everyone thought the biggest arm the Dodgers *might* be getting back this season was Rich Hill when his gangrene blister heals.

Clayton Kershaw is feeling better after a recent throwing session, and has a plan in place for his return. He just won’t say what that plan entails.

“We’ve got a good plan in place to where I feel like I can contribute,” Kershaw said. “And, hopefully, if I’m pitching well enough, make a difference. Or, at least, help out.”

So after all the ambiguity and doubt; well, there’s more ambiguity of course. But it sounds like Kershaw is coming back this season. It’s good for baseball, and it makes the Dodgers a legitimate World Series threat. It sucks for fantasy owners that moved Kershaw because back surgery was oh so certain a short while ago.

But we’re glad Kershaw is feeling better and will have some say in this season. I still don’t recall a Kershaw postseason gem like the ones I remember Roy Halladay or others throwing, if there has been one. I need to go back and look.

Okay, I looked and there has been at least one.

Rich Hill’s Blister is Fucking Ridiculous


Alright, the guy last pitched in the first week of July before he got the blister from Hell. There are people with HIV who are curing up what ails them faster than that of Rich Hill’s blister. Everything was looking great – as great as it could possibly look when you’ve missed TWO months for a blister – Hill even planned to grant the poor Dodgers (who traded for him in the midst of blister-gate) a rehab start today.

But alas, you knew it wouldn’t happen; and Hill’s blister is still blisterin’.

Rich Hill is still experiencing problems with a severe blister on his left hand. The hope is that the dry air in Arizona will help the healing process. He is scheduled to face hitters in a simulated setting on Wednesday and Thursday, then the Dodgers will try to come up with a new timetable for his L.A. debut.


The Dodgers need him! I need him! Countless other fantasy owners need him! The dry air in Arizona – give me a break with this shit! I demand Hill get out there on the damn mound regardless of if the units on his left palm are Gangrene and give us five innings! NOW!

I don’t care how long Hill lives. I don’t care how many years go by. This is what is on his Tombstone as far as I’m concerned. I will never forget this two month blister episode. Rich if you read this some day while using your right un-blistered hand with a fancy iPad you don’t deserve, just know that you are a special case of soft. They ‘don’t make em’ like they used to’ our dads all say because of the Rich Hill’s of the world and their blister.

Wonder how many blisters Bob Gibson pitched through. Heard he used to bite them off for extra protein. The blood made his fastball just a bit quicker.

And in closing, if someone doesn’t start the blog ‘Rich Hill’s Blister’ it would be a true crime of the internet.



Yeah, so I feel like I was one of the first ones who started to look around and realize it’s Kris Bryant or Corey Seager for National League MVP. That noise is getting louder.

I logged onto ESPN/mlb today and saw Seager’s picture on the front page. SweetSpot’s Schoenfield says it’s time to give Seager his due as a legit MVP candidate. It was time a while ago.

He reminds us that Seager is second in position-player WAR in the NL behind Bryant, at 4.6; tied with Anthony Rizzo who may pull votes from his teammate. And:

Compared to the American League — which has seven position players above 5.0 (Corey’s older brother Kyle Seager has 4.9 WAR and ranks eighth) — it’s kind of a mediocre group of MVP candidates. Bryant is probably the favorite as he leads the NL in runs, is second in home runs, seventh in OPS, and 10th in RBIs. He’s played good defense while shuttling between third base, left field, and right field (plus-8 Defensive Runs Saved). Seager, however, has played a solid shortstop (plus-2 DRS), erasing concerns that he won’t have the range to stick there.

Really love this kid, like the Dodgers, and legitimately hope he finishes with a monster September that sees him win this award…. as much as we also love Bryant.

The Seager Boy Rides On

While you were sleeping, Corey Seager was out at magical Chavez Ravine knocking out home runs number 20 and 21. The Dodgers beat the Phils 9-4, Julio Urias picked up the victory; and the Bums remain just one game behind those rotten Giants.

The Dodgers simply aren’t going away.

Seager is now 5.1 fWAR. He has a great shot to become the third shortstop age 22 or under all-time to hit 25 or more home runs. One of the others played in more straight games than any other player (Cal Ripken) and the other retires on Friday (Alex Rodriguez).