How ya like my shiny new shoes?

We promised you a new and improved Diamond Hoggers and here you have it. Almost four years from the day we first started we have a new platform and format. And it figures to stay this way for while.

Some things will take some getting used to. All of the YouTube videos of the past were lost in the transition. All the old posts are formatted poorly. But we’re all here. And we’re looking onward. And I’m reinvigorated to bring you the best baseball blog on earth here in 2011 and beyond.

Now the madness can finally begin. And now that we’re on WordPress and off that Godforsaken Blogger garbage that we got way too much mileage out of you better prepare for a cornucopia of baseball goodness.

I promise we’ll be bringing it like never before.

*And by the way, those shoes above are Scottie Pippen model Air Maestros from back in the day. I made my mom buy them for me one summer after seeing Pip wear them in the NBA All Star Game (the only time he ever wore them). And after I returned to school from the summer I made it through one day with the kids of 6th grade torturing me about them until I came home and wanted to throw them away. If only I still had those and they still fit. They would be worn with pride.