It’s Soon to Be Baseball Time

The NFL football season is over. It’s time to look towards a brighter day. And in just 65 or some odd days the greatest sport on earth will be delivered to us all.

You’re probably wondering why the larger than life picture of Jason Heyward is up there. I can explain. Everyone has their one thing they’re excited to see in 2011. For me–other than the Reds and Jay Bruce and how they’ll rebound from their first playoff appearance in a decade and a half–I’m living for Jason Heyward’s 2011. A full, healthy season as a 21 year old playing down in Hotlanta with some decent protection in that lineup should serve him well.

Anyone who has read this blog before should know that we’re HUGE Jason Heyward fans. In our fantasy baseball keeper league we’ve already selected him as a keeper. He’s the staple of our team. In 2011, we pull for three things: 1) the Cincinnati Reds, 2) Jason Heyward, and 3) anyone who plays the Phillies on any given night.

We think Heyward is going to arrive on the scene in a huge way and a year or two ahead of schedule. Cannot wait to see the big man hitting ropes all over the park. He might be reason enough to scrape together the funds to get MLB Extra Innings.

Heyward just really seems like a good dude. He’s like the inverse of a guy like Lebron James. He’s flashy, yet humble. We like his game and we like where his head is at.

Last year he topped the list of the Top Prospects in MLB. This year’s Top 50 Prospect list was announced last night. Definitely get to know the names. Mike Trout, Jeremy Hellickson, Bryce Harper, Domonic Brown, and Dustin Ackley round out the top five. Aroldis Chapman is listed sixth–a snub but whatever.

It’s truly going to be an epic season.