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Voting for the All Star Game is underway (Online Only)

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MLB All Star Game voting is underway, and this is the time of the year that in the seventy years prior; you and your family or friends would get the great paper ballot at the game. Nothing that great lasts forever. Baseball has decided it wasn’t proper use of their resources to do that anymore.

Balloting is only online now. We took a stab at our first ballot for old times sake today. Spoiler alert: there are personal favorites in here. And why the hell not. Some fan base will send someone who is hitting .245 to the game, so I’m going to vote for my guys.

Here are the guys I want to see in Cincinnati in July:

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 4.12.41 PM

Report: Marlins Park to host 2017 All-Star Game


With the 2015 All-Star Game being held in Cincinnati, and the 2016 going boring on all of us for a year to San Diego (who wants a Petco Home Run Derby, anyways); the game’s midsummer classic will return to a fun and deserved site in 2017 in South Beach.

This report comes via the Miami Herald today – and hopefully the Marlins’ brass can see the goodwill coming their way for you know; ponying up and spending some money to improve their franchise. Anyone who says that the Marlins will just blow it up again is clearly wrong, the Marlins are going to be forced to field a team that contends until at least the latter half of 2017 now; which we expected them to do anyways.

It’s worth pointing out that the Marlins were originally awarded the 2000 All-Star Game, only to have it stripped and given to the Braves. After opening their new stadium in 2012, they were originally expected to get this year’s All-Star Game, but it was given to Cincinnati instead – which has been a long-deserved All Star game site.

The Nationals can be expected to get the 2018 All Star game we think, just in time for Bryce Harper’s big departure to a larger market. It is likely that in the next four years we will have an All-Star game in an NL park that has never before hosted the game. Pretty exciting stuff, especially if you’re someone who still believes that baseball has the holiest of All-Star competitions like we clearly do. It’s the one exhibition of it’s type that has always remained competitive and sacred.

A Bucket List Item Sits in the distance


Here’s an image you’re likely to see repeated many times over between now and next July when the Cincinnati Reds host the 2015 All Star Game in the Queen City.

I’ve waited my entire life for this game to come to Cincinnati. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll pay for everything, but I have to be there in some form for all the festivities, game included.

As for reviewing the logo, they could have done a bit more with it; but it’s clean and I like it.

Now all I need is Jay Bruce to have an All-Star season and rebound from his 2014 campaign and be there to come full circle in his career. That Home Run Derby in that bandbox has his name written all over it.

Some Original Photos from the All Star Home Run Derby and Parade

We were fortunate to have a good friend in Minneapolis the last few days, Corey; who has written for the site before. Next year we figure to be part of the entire All-Star experience from start to finish in Cincinnati, or die trying. For now – enjoy the awesome camera work on these original photos you can’t see anywhere else. BstJ1jrIUAA5sdo This is the famed rainbow that appeared during the home run derby before Todd Frazier starting taking his first round cuts. BstJOf5IQAEIyJh So I just learned that these guys are known as ‘Minnie’ and ‘Paul’, and they’re exactly 500 feet from home plate. It was mentioned during the game that they have never been reached. BstJmznIIAAgBGV Yasiel Puig during All-Star workout day. BstJ352IIAA7l6r Here are the contestants of the Home Run Derby. BstJkVwCAAA4VB3 The Captain taking some cuts during batting practice of All Star workout day. BstKCz7IcAAVrrh A great shot of Jeter during the parade. When you think back to the 2014 All Star Game in the Twin Cities, you’ll think of two main things: Jeter…. BstKHeZIgAAXQCe And Mike Trout. Who looks like he’s signing a ball for a fan here in the middle of the parade. What a great dude. BstKJZWIUAA3_NE Lots of respect for Miguel Cabrera, who admitted over the past few days that he isn’t fully healthy. BstKNWkIgAArame Giancarlo Stanton rides alone. BstKO3_IQAAEh-v Andrew McCutchen didn’t go without accumulating some stats in this All-Star Game, he singled to lead off the game. You know, the play that Jeter almost made right off the bat. BstKEjjIAAAClud Here’s another one of our favorites Jose Abreu, aka Big Cuban Stud. BstKL5rIAAE05My Jose Bautista in his salmon-colored sports coat. BstKQ9gIIAA1ya_ One of the most talked about arms in the game today, Clayton Kershaw. Up close and personal. BstKP4uIYAEEXyk Paul Goldschmidt BstKR79IAAAEgdU Yasiel Puig had a ROUGH couple of days in Minneapolis. This is a great and symbolic shot, really. Puig is such a kid that you figure he was in awe of everything and having such a great time (kid in a candy store) the focus just wasn’t there. And that’s okay. He will have more All Star Games.

Mike Trout grabs MVP honors in an outstanding All Star Game


[Box Score]

[Hardball Talk] [ESPN] [Rob Neyer] [SweetSpot] [Deadspin] [NY Times]

The melody line – the take home message in this wonderful All Star Game of 2014 – was that Derek Jeter is passing the torch to the new face of baseball. It is absolutely fitting that Mike Trout won the MVP of this game and despite a great night from Jeter, and a home run from the man who has kept Trout from two MVP awards at a college age; it was Trout who shined the brightest in the game of stars and had the biggest hand in the American League’s victory.

I thought this was one of the best Midsummer Classics in recent memory from an entertainment standpoint. The hitters really did their job, putting a lot of hard balls in play and it seemed that the game featured about five or six well struck balls off the wall.

The game had a little bit of everything. It is absolutely amazing the kind of arms that each side was able to trot out to the mound one after the other. It’s also a credit to the great hitters in the game today that there were eight runs scored. The game also featured some great defensive plays, second to no one was Dee Gordon’s grab and throw to rob Michael Brantley of a hit.

It was just a well-played, outstanding ballgame. It represented our sport as well as any one thrill sport games could have. And how about that Corvette Stingray that Mike Trout took home? OMG.

Click through the jump to see five great moments from the 2014 All-Star Game.
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The 2014 All-Star Game Awaits


In about an hour, the 2014 All Star Game takes center stage as a celebration of the baseball season’s midway point. It’s actually kind of sad that the season is half over (and if we’re being honest with you and ourselves it’s more than halfway over). This year’s All Star emeritus is Derek Jeter, so the game will be centered around cameras nobbing him and rightfully so.

ESPN had a cool article the other day about some of the different personalities and their favorite All Star Game memories titled ‘Midsummer Memories’. It had us re-living some of our favorite moments of All Star’s past, and if asked to pick just one moment it’s really hard to do. Every midsummer classic from our youth is special in it’s own way.

We really loved that 1992 game when Ken Griffey Jr. homered and was named the MVP. It was special to see it live, as that was the moment that Junior really kind of announced his presence on the grand stage. That was the moment when he started to come into his own. He was pretty dominant for the next decade.

The All Star game is neat, and tonight will have it’s share of epic moments. There are a nice collection of the game’s best players that serve as a great snapshot for where the game is at today. That’s the best part about every All Star game; you look at the names that dot the roster and I think it says something about the game at that particular moment.

The last two games have featured shut-outs. Tonight, we’re fairly sure both teams will score and we’re fairly sure the starters (Felix Hernandez and Adam Wainwright) of the game will be going full-bore as their teams have a shot at the playoffs and they want the opportunity to host that extra game. I think it’s going to be a terrific display of the game’s greatest players tonight. I can’t wait. The only bad part is soon after this game the season will begin to melt away like sand through an hourglass. There’s nothing about that which is positive.

But it’s been a remarkable and fulfilling first half of baseball. If the second half is this much fun, we’re in line for one of our most entertaining finishes ever. Good for our favorite sport!

Our All Star Ballot

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 8.07.21 PM

In past years, we voted a lot and had a lot of homer picks. Guys like Jay Bruce and Bryce Harper would still be getting votes even though they’re among the least deserving players in baseball for this season. Hell, we would even give Jeter some sentimental votes.

This year – we don’t have time to vote several hundred times. One ballot of integrity is above. These are the guys we think are most deserving.

The 2013 All Star Game

84th MLB All-Star Game

[Box Score]

I have to be honest: I love the All Star Game, and I love baseball more than just about anything in life; but I wasn’t especially entertained last night. In fact, I think it was a display to the outsider of just how boring three hours of our product can be to the rest of the world.

That said, the arms are absolutely incredible in today’s game. The pitching seemingly gets better every year, and last night’s game was as much of a display of that as anything else. I would still have preferred to see a few more big hits (I see you Prince Fielder with your triple) and a little more action. The game’s lack of exciting moments had be chatting with my friend from work through much of the game.

Last night’s game was really about a legend’s last ride. And it was a special moment that you’ll never forget. Synonymous with the year, the city, the game itself; forever when you think of this game one of the first things you’ll have to think about is Enter Sandman and Rivera trotting out to the mound by himself. Props to Jim Leyland for making sure that the perfect moment went down the way it did – if you’re questioning why he threw the 8th just think about the possibilities that could have led to him not throwing in the game at all if things had fallen apart for the American League.

I didn’t even realize until I read this Deadspin post that Mariano Rivera’s first three hitters he set down in an All Star Game were as follows: Charles Johnson, Mark Grace, Moises Alou. The last three – a one, two, three inning – featured Jean Segura, Allen Craig, and Carlos Gomez. Look at those names for a minute and realize the greatness it takes to just span across the eras. That’s what makes baseball so special.

In a game of fathers and sons, Mariano Rivera has been so dominant that he’s had a chance to dominant a father’s era of hitters and now his son’s stars. It’s truly remarkable.

In an All Star game that featured only one defining moment, that moment belonged to the Most Valuable Player (like he needs a brand new Chevy vehicle).

While unspectacular, another All Star Game in my lifetime is in the books. It’s time to look towards what we know will be an action and drama-filled second half of baseball. And judging by how bored I am on this evening without baseball, we hope it gets here quickly.


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AL wins exhibition game and is rewarded with home field advantage in season’s most important series

I don’t really have to explain how it’s stupid to have an exhibition game between the two leagues determine for one team who gets home field advantage in the World Series, particularly given the way the rosters are put together….however.

For now I’ll enjoy the pitching show the AL put on tonight. They only gave up three hits to an all-star NL lineup.  Here is the pitching numbers from the night.

AL pitching 7.16

For the offensive side, Jose Bautista ended up with the game winning hit – a sacrifice fly in the 4th inning.  JJ Hardy and Jason Kipnis added the 2nd and 3rd RBIs.  The best offensive play on the night was clearly Prince Fielder legging out a triple.

Prince triple 7.16
Not the most graceful slide I’ve ever but kudos for the hustle

The NL didn’t fare well.  Never getting more than a hit in any inning and only advancing a man to 3rd base once.

It’s fun to see all these guys get together and play a game and mostly have a lot of fun doing it.  It was fun to see Mariano Rivera get the MVP in his last game (not sure why they didn’t use him for the save).

A few final thoughts:

  • Fantasy owners are pissed at Matt Harvey for knocking the knee of Robinson Cano.
  • Neil Diamond is old and its hard to get New York fans to sing a Boston song.  I’ve never seen more disinterested New York fans as I did during the first verse of “Sweet Caroline”.
  • Has there been a better player than Carlos Beltran who has played for 5 different teams and seemingly been written off several times.
  • I have no idea how Joe Mauer didn’t throw out Andrew McCutchen.  Perfect throw.
  • Manny Machado made another ridiculous play at 3rd.  When is this guy moving to shortstop?

Try to enjoy tomorrow.  It’s the only day in the year with out a game played by any major sport.  Maybe read a book or do something productive with your life.  You’ll only have one day to do it.


Let’s Go All-Star Breaking


It’s hard to believe we’re already technically past the midway point of the Major League season. The next few days are always a celebration of the season gone by, with a collection of stars and infinite possibilities of exciting match-ups that you don’t usually get to see. There will be one or two memorable moments during the All-Star break that live on forever as part of 2013 All Star Game history.

The summer is officially half done and it’s going to be a dogfight second half for a lot of teams. But over the next few days we’re going to try to enjoy the best that the respective leagues have to offer and hope to see some new memories carved out. Sure, it’s just an exhibition game. But there’s always something special about the Home Run Derby and All Star Break that makes us feel like a kid again. There’s still an innocence to it. And for all the criticism that the baseball world undertakes for being too old and too traditional, that’s one thing we don’t mind remaining innocent and old-fashioned.

We’ll still keep things rolling here through the week as best we can while trying to find a few nuggets in the game and All Star Monday. The worst part about the All Star week is of course, there’s no baseball again until Friday. What the Hell are we going to do all week? Wednesday and Thursday are shot.

On the All-Star Game Selection Show on FOX & It’s Selections


I made sure I watched the nationally-televised All Star Game Selection show on FOX which was shown before Baseball Night in America.

How obvious is it that the MLB is trying to think of ways to make the grand old ballgame a little bit more like the conglomerate National Football League?

Tonight you could watch a cartoonish at-best cast of Matt Vasgersian, Harold Reynolds, and Dan Plesac tell you who our 2013 All Stars are. This was a show that was quietly done on Sunday evenings in the past and when I was a kid in the mid and early 1990’s there was no show. You read about the All-Star vote leaders in the paper and the final selections on the Monday before the game took place. You might have heard the night before on Baseball Tonight if you were one of those lucky kids who grew up with cable television (I was not).

Here are the selections:

American League

C: Joe Mauer, Twins
1B: Chris Davis, Orioles
2B: Robinson Cano, Yankees
SS: J.J. Hardy, Orioles
3B: Miguel Cabrera, Tigers
OF: Mike Trout, Angels
OF: Adam Jones, Orioles
OF: Jose Bautista, Blue Jays
DH: David Ortiz, Red Sox

RHP: Clay Buchholz @, Red Sox
LHP: Brett Cecil, Blue Jays
RHP: Bartolo Colon *, A’s
RHP: Jesse Crain @, White Sox
RHP: Yu Darvish, Rangers
RHP: Felix Hernandez, Mariners
RHP: Hisashi Iwakuma, Mariners
RHP: Justin Masterson, Indians
RHP: Joe Nathan, Rangers
LHP: Glen Perkins *, Twins
RHP: Mariano Rivera, Yankees
LHP: Chris Sale, White Sox
RHP: Max Scherzer, Tigers
RHP: Justin Verlander, Tigers

C: Jason Castro, Astros
C: Salvador Perez, Royals
1B: Prince Fielder, Tigers
2B: Jason Kipnis, Indians
2B: Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox
2B: Ben Zobrist, Rays
SS: Jhonny Peralta: Tigers
3B: Manny Machado, Orioles
OF: Nelson Cruz, Rangers
OF: Alex Gordon, Royals
OF: Torii Hunter, Tigers
DH: Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays

National League

C: Yadier Molina, Cardinals
1B: Joey Votto, Reds
2B: Brandon Phillips, Reds
SS: Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies
3B: David Wright, Mets
OF: Carlos Beltran, Cardinals
OF: Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies
OF: Bryce Harper, Nationals
LHP: Madison Bumgarner, Giants
LHP: Aroldis Chapman, Reds
LHP: Patrick Corbin, D-backs
RHP: Jose Fernandez, Marlins
RHP: Jason Grilli, Pirates
RHP: Matt Harvey, Mets
LHP: Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers
RHP: Craig Kimbrel, Braves
LHP: Cliff Lee, Phillies
LHP: Jeff Locke, Pirates
RHP: Adam Wainwright, Cardinals
LHP: Travis Wood, Cubs
RHP: Jordan Zimmermann, Nationals

C: Buster Posey, Giants
1B: Paul Goldschmidt, D-backs
1B: Allen Craig, Cardinals
2B: Matt Carpenter, Cardinals
2B: Marco Scutaro, Giants
SS: Everth Cabrera, Padres
SS: Jean Segura, Brewers
3B: Pedro Alvarez, Pirates
OF: Domonic Brown, Phillies
OF: Michael Cuddyer, Rockies
OF: Carlos Gomez, Brewers
OF: Andrew McCutchen, Pirates

Final vote candidates:

Yasiel Puig
Ian Desmond
Freddie Freeman
Adrian Gonzalez
Hunter Pence

Steve Delabar
David Robertson
Koji Uehara
Tanner Scheppers
Joaquin Benoit

The All-Star Game I’ll always love for tradition’s sake. It’s baseball’s chance to grab the nation for a minute as it takes a short breath from the nightly NFL and NBA news. It’s my favorite sport taking center-stage at midseason.

But it’s logic is all fucked up. The MLB All-Star Game is a little bit of everything. “This time it counts” but at the same time there are open discussions of Mariano Rivera starting the game, and then they’re sending whatever future Hall of Famer is on his farewell tour to the game (Chipper Jones, Cal Ripken etc.) but it also showcases the game’s young stars like Bryce Harper last season and possibly Yasiel Puig this year. Guys like Andrew McCutchen get in this year over a guy like Jay Bruce and some guys like Grant Balfour who should be there are left off the roster altogether.

At the end of the day, the thing that makes the All-Star Game flawed is what makes it great. I still get amped over seeing a young talent like Yasiel Puig take on an old dog making his last uproar like Bartolo Colon. The thought of seeing Bryce Harper against Yu Darvish is a very tempting thing for a baseball fan. At the end of the day, I’m okay with how baseball handles the All Star Game. It’s flawed, but there’s no absolute way to get everything perfect for it.

Ah yes, and we almost forgot one thing.

Yasiel Puig and the All-Star Game Final Vote

Yasiel Puig

It’s tough to put Yasiel Puig’s start to his career into perspective, because this is the internet age and every rookie that comes up is the greatest prospect we’ve ever seen and the latest and greatest new toy. But here is something to chew on while you’re trying to denounce Mr. Puig:

Clearly, all the buzz is about Puig becoming an unprecedented All-Star just 30 or so games into a career. It really hasn’t been done before. People want to see it. Respected writers are lobbying for it. Hell, even Colin Cowherd wants to see Yasiel Puig there because Puig is “polarizing” to him. If you’re a baseball player and Colin Cowherd talks about you, you know you’re big time.

That’s the nature of sports today. Most people want to see new things after a number of years of the same old moniker.

Puig is on the Final Vote ballot – fans have a chance to send him to the game if he gets enough ‘N5′ text messages to 89269. The man built like Bo Jackson whose approach reminds me of Vlad Guerrero who has seemingly injected life into the floundering Dodgers just might be in the All-Star Game after just a month in the big leagues. We’re definitely intrigued by ‘Little League Puig’ as Harold Reynolds called him (Reynolds was lobbying for Puig votes on the FOX pregame show also).

Hopefully this kid is part of the week at Citi Field. He’s one of those rare guys who just seems to catch your eye and make you a fan; and it kills us not to vote for a guy like Ian Desmond who is probably more deserving of the spot. It’s just more epic for the sport if Puig gets in.