American League 4, National League 2


[Box Score]

The 2016 All Star Game started off with a bang, but ended like most All Star Games do. Low-scoring and tight. The pitching was just a bit ahead of the hitting.

The early announcement was pretty cool – from now on the National League batting champion will be known as the Tony Gwynn Batting Champion. Rod Carew was on hand, because the American League batting title winner will be known as the Rod Carew hitting champion. I’m in favor of this, and a big Tony Gwynn fan.

From there, the moments you’ll remember were Kris Bryant homering off Chris Sale to put the National League up 1-0. Guys were really lining shots all over the place. Bryce Harper mixed in a double. Mike Trout of course got a hit. Xander Bogaerts doubled.

But the Royals would have the say in the outcome of this game. Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez homered in the 2nd inning, and it would be all the difference.

The game ended on a double play. It was a beautiful night in San Diego and a nice little All Star Game.

Now we begin the two night lull before the sad beginning of the second half.