So Tonight is Another Baseball All Star Game


For me, my favorite All Star Games will always be 1992 in San Diego (the first one I watched closely when Ken Griffey Jr. won the MVP) and 1994 in Philadelphia when Tony Gwynn slid in heroically and scored the winning run.

I was 10 and 12 respectively in those years. And that’s the age when the All-Star Game is a really neat event. Now, it’s just something to do at night in between workdays. Yeah, it’s cool to see some of the power on power match-up’s you’ll never see again; but when I was a kid pal’ing around with all the other neighborhood kids, this game was the gem of our entire summer. It was practically a holiday.

The game has more remarkable talent, and more remarkable¬†young talent then I ever remember. It should be showcased. But tonight’s game will likely be a 4-2 or 3-1 type sleeper with just a small vacuum of big moments. Teams aren’t going to light up either of these pens or collection of arms for a 14-12 donnybrook, which would really get me excited here in my middle age.

But it’s my favorite sport, and it’s the Midsummer Classic damnit! And I’m allowed to be excited for it.

And I really do remember this like it was yesterday, laying on the old yellow carpet that is long since removed at my parents. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The Kid did it!

Like a great shot in 18 holes of golf, that was what kept me coming back to the All Star Game. I was hooked.