The Fun is Half Over


It’s so hard to believe; but an entire half season has passed us by. It’s kind of sad.

The All Star Game brings about a time honored tradition we’ve always enjoyed though; even though we admitted to our wife today that it’s kind of painful and a bad game if we’re being honest. It’s really more than all that. We’ll get into why we love the All Star Game Tuesday like we always do on Tuesday.

For now, it’s just reflecting on the sad fact that the season is half over. It sucks! I haven’t even began to read about NFL football or think about training camp because I’m engrossed more than ever in baseball season.

So, in some ways get ready for the most boring four days in your life. The Home Run Derby and Midsummer Classic are more of a formality or a distraction than a contest. And when the teams come back on Friday it’s like sands in the hourglass. The leaves will be on the ground before you know it.