Aaron Judge destroys another in the Oakland Coliseum

On a day when The Herd actually talked baseball and suggested that Aaron Judge may be the answer baseball is looking for (why not Trout?); on a day when Imports Dragon Figures put a Judge figure up for pre-order (you can order it here); Aaron Judge hit a monster home run that got the Yankees back in the game at the Oakland Coliseum off Sean Manaea.

I watched this game live tonight – I had some money on the Yankees. They showed an interesting stat of how Judge is ahead of the record rookie pace that Mark McGwire had in 1987 when he hit 49 home runs out of the blue. Then Judge did this and hit his 23rd of the season:

Judge is one of the most powerful physical-specimen hitters I have ever seen. This is unbelievable.

Also, as a footnote in this game; the Athletics ran a cool promotion where they gave away a Marcus Semien Starting Lineup Figure for those in attendance. It’s decently done, even though Semien is on the Disabled List.

The Yankees shaky ass pen is clinging to a 6-5 lead right now that they’re sure to blow, though.