Field of Dreams Game: White Sox Beat Yankees in Thriller

[Box Score]

What an incredible game the Field of Dreams Game in Ames, Iowa was between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees. In all, eight home runs were hit in the game. Equally important, I don’t think I’ve ever aesthetically seen a better backdrop for a sporting event in my life. This was one of the coolest things I’ve ever watched – let alone in the game of baseball – and both teams delivered until the final ending of what played out like a movie script.

Here are the full game highlights, because there was too much to run through:

Luis Robert logged a double to the right center gap in this one, and was running down flies in center in front of a grain silo looking object. The guy is a specimen of a player – though he was a footnote in the history of this game.

Aaron Judge homered twice. Giancarlo Stanton tagged Liam Hendriks in the top of the ninth to put the Yankees ahead 8-7, and it seemed like the kill shot. Eloy Jimenez is back and looking like a perennial power hitter force.

I think the White Sox have everything that it takes to make this a storybook season. This was one of the most memorable games in baseball history, and the White Sox are going to be a fun team to watch and write about as they head towards a crescendo. On Thursday night, they kicked off viewer’s weekends a bit early with a performance for the ages.