Aaron Judge is keeping us plenty busy – Home Run 24

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All rise.

The best home run hitter in baseball did it again tonight in the Bronx. Aaron Judge blasted home run number 24 tonight off an off-brand. Although the Yankees lost, Judge’s incredible power to all fields continues to be on display. This is just a hard-hit baseball by a strong man that gets out to a friendly area of New Yankee Stadium. Love watching this guy mash.

Judge says he’ll think about being in the Home Run Derby which has already extended the invite. Aaron – got news for you – you’re doing the damn thing. It would be the most watched Derby ever if you comply.

Judge leads the big leagues obviously, just two ahead of Cody Bellinger at the time of this post; and is on pace to hit 57 home runs. He’s going to have to keep it going to get to 50 and beat Mark McGwire’s rookie record of 49 from 1987.

Keep going, kid.