Watch Aaron Judge in Oakland this weekend

Aaron Judge is back where it all started in sunny California. Now, I passed out before I could throw Oakland and the Yankees on my Roku box.

The Yankees are starting to fall back to earth a little bit, losing a tight one 8-7 in Oakland. Judge went hitless. But he’s going to play three more games at that Oakland Coliseum toilet park. It’s his closest proximity to home. There’s an excellent chance that he leaves the yard at least once; and the Yankees have to continue to fight to stay atop the American League east.

ESPN recently wrote a nice piece on this being the least hateable Yankees squad of all time. We concur. It’s the very first time we have liked the Yankees since we’ve been with our wife – a Yankees fan. They’re home grown. They’re fun. They’re not really supposed to be good and they are. They’re not bought.

So yes, we’ll watch Aaron Judge in Oakland this weekend.