MLB.TV is a broken mess this year

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.44.40 PM

Seriously – nothing sucks as much as in 2014.

Oh but no worries, because if you have problems with you can contact MLB Fan Support on twitter for a canned response that they’ve given to 18,146 people so far that has helped zero. Ready? Here it is in case you have an emergency:

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.48.44 PM

You see, that’s not a big help. Because once you visit that forum it is a long and winding labyrinth with no real answers. It’s just a bunch of people talking about their experience and how it didn’t work. Or how they missed Giancarlo Stanton’s walk-off grand slam because their froze on their PS4 device.

There’s no help in sight. I wish I had a solution for you but all I have is this: you can call MLB TV’s support line at 866-800-1275 and try to sneak your way through the automated phone maze where you can expect to wait a solid hour (I’ve been on hold 39 minutes. I am sitting in my living room in the dark).

MLB TV your service sucks and I hope a billion people see this. Crooks. If one person comments and says “no issue here” I will send a drone to your house to bitch-slap you.