It’s Time to Budget ( is now available)


You have to give credit for jumping on fans like me the day after the NFL season ends and striking while the iron is hot. I got the e-mail in each of my three inboxes this morning, is now available for order. Premium is the one you want, and it’s $129.99. That one will allow you to watch baseball on your computer, your smartphone or iPad, or your Playstation 3 and it’s all in HD.

I can’t even estimate how much money saves me during the summer months. The $130 is a bargain when I take into consideration how many nights I choose to willfully spend at home watching Mike Trout late-night after the Reds are on here locally. I also get the option to see any big pitching match-up of any couple of horses that I have on my fantasy team (when all I’m rooting for is hanging zeroes and K’s). Plus, there nothing like knocking off early on a Friday and coming home to see the Cubs play at 2:30 in the afternoon to kick off your weekend.

I don’t care what my wife says this money should go towards, there’s nothing more important than happiness and you only live once. If you are a baseball junkie do yourself a favor and get this for yourself. The only downfall is once you’ve lived in the luxury once, you’ll never be able to go through baseball season without it again. You’ve been warned.