Something Great about Baseball in 2014: No More MLB Blackout Restrictions


Screens like this will be hard to come by in the baseball realm of 2014.

We’re 39 days and a couple hours away from baseball’s unofficial Opening Day with the Dodgers and D’Backs on that cricket field in Australia.

But the word on the street – and it’s a big word if it’s true – is that MLB Blackout Restrictions will be scaled back in 2014. This means that any game that isn’t televised on a national TV network will be available to people who pay for subscriptions to and such. And it means that you Ohio people who want to watch the Pirates can now do so without streaming it illegally like I do. And on Saturday’s, you don’t just have to see the MLB Game of the Week on FOX. That’s right, when they put that Braves – Mets game on Saturday afternoon you won’t be blacked out during the afternoon games.

We have a feeling that 2014 is going to be one of the best seasons ever (we feel this way every year). This is just one more reason why.