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MLB.TV is a broken mess this year

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.44.40 PM

Seriously – nothing sucks as much as MLB.tv in 2014.

Oh but no worries, because if you have problems with MLB.tv you can contact MLB Fan Support on twitter for a canned response that they’ve given to 18,146 people so far that has helped zero. Ready? Here it is in case you have an emergency:

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.48.44 PM

You see, that’s not a big help. Because once you visit that forum it is a long and winding labyrinth with no real answers. It’s just a bunch of people talking about their experience and how it didn’t work. Or how they missed Giancarlo Stanton’s walk-off grand slam because their MLB.tv froze on their PS4 device.

There’s no help in sight. I wish I had a solution for you but all I have is this: you can call MLB TV’s support line at 866-800-1275 and try to sneak your way through the automated phone maze where you can expect to wait a solid hour (I’ve been on hold 39 minutes. I am sitting in my living room in the dark).

MLB TV your service sucks and I hope a billion people see this. Crooks. If one person comments and says “no issue here” I will send a drone to your house to bitch-slap you.

MLB.tv officially renewed

Officially renewed my MLB.tv premium account for 2014.  Especially during the summer when I usually dump cable, being able to watch the Reds, Mariners and all the great matchups is a serious bump to the summer enjoyment level.

I’m hoping to complete the back patio so that I can come home from work, turn on the Reds game in the 3rd inning on the iPad and watch the game whilst (yes…whilst) consuming an adult beverage in the sun.

MLB.tv as a product puts every other sports package to shame.  I’m assuming the others will catch up eventually but only time will tell.

Pro tip:  If you don’t have cable and want to watch your home team or a national ESPN game, you can spoof your IP to make it look like you’re logging in from somewhere else.  I’m sure this is breaking the terms of service so do so at your own risk.

Something Great about Baseball in 2014: No More MLB Blackout Restrictions

Screens like this will be hard to come by in the baseball realm of 2014.

We’re 39 days and a couple hours away from baseball’s unofficial Opening Day with the Dodgers and D’Backs on that cricket field in Australia.

But the word on the street – and it’s a big word if it’s true – is that MLB Blackout Restrictions will be scaled back in 2014. This means that any game that isn’t televised on a national TV network will be available to people who pay for subscriptions to MLB.tv and such. And it means that you Ohio people who want to watch the Pirates can now do so without streaming it illegally like I do. And on Saturday’s, you don’t just have to see the MLB Game of the Week on FOX. That’s right, when they put that Braves – Mets game on Saturday afternoon you won’t be blacked out during the afternoon games.

We have a feeling that 2014 is going to be one of the best seasons ever (we feel this way every year). This is just one more reason why.

It’s Time to Budget (MLB.tv is now available)


You have to give MLB.com credit for jumping on fans like me the day after the NFL season ends and striking while the iron is hot. I got the e-mail in each of my three inboxes this morning, MLB.tv is now available for order.

MLB.tv Premium is the one you want, and it’s $129.99. That one will allow you to watch baseball on your computer, your smartphone or iPad, or your Playstation 3 and it’s all in HD.

I can’t even estimate how much money MLB.tv saves me during the summer months. The $130 is a bargain when I take into consideration how many nights I choose to willfully spend at home watching Mike Trout late-night after the Reds are on here locally. I also get the option to see any big pitching match-up of any couple of horses that I have on my fantasy team (when all I’m rooting for is hanging zeroes and K’s). Plus, there nothing like knocking off early on a Friday and coming home to see the Cubs play at 2:30 in the afternoon to kick off your weekend.

I don’t care what my wife says this money should go towards, there’s nothing more important than happiness and you only live once. If you are a baseball junkie do yourself a favor and get this for yourself. The only downfall is once you’ve lived in the luxury once, you’ll never be able to go through baseball season without it again. You’ve been warned.