Bryce Harper had a bat modeled after his Girlfriend


Guessing that Harper’s girlfriend Kayla Varner is middle-named ‘Martina’.

We should probably start a tag ‘Bryce Harper Bat Watch’ by now, because it’s a subject we’ve covered before. Harper’s usage of bats has no pattern. The only guarantee is if he has a bat in his hands, it’s not long for being his object of affection.

Harper has sported a grey bat. He’s used an all-black bat. He’s used this cherry colored model with a white handle to honor a kid stricken with terminal cancer. There are times he grabs a white ash bat. This is so anti-Ken Griffey Jr. – I always remember Junior using an all-black bat. Kenny Griff’s legendary sweeping, sweet swing wouldn’t have looked right with an all-white bat. My point is there are some players who use a solid colored bat for their entire career, so much that the bat color almost becomes a part of them. You ask me a player’s bat color, I can tell you with certainty what color it was or if he was married to a particular color.

Manny Ramirez? He was known to use any bat out there and drove teammates nuts because he would use their bats. He had no rhyme or reason – similar to Harper. Mark McGwire? Always the big white ash stick. I could go on and on.

Now he’s been using an all-black model that represents the leading lady in his life, his girlfriend:

No word yet on whether or not Harper’s idol Mickey Mantle ever had a bat model created after a woman – though The Mick was known to keep the company of dozens of women at any given time so that may have been tough.

Overall it’s a pretty cool and unique idea. Hopefully the black maple KMV8 goes down in history as the model-type that Harper hit home run number 20 in his age 20 season with.