On Bryce Harper’s Grey-Colored Bat

In honor of Bryce Harper’s Washington Nationals home debut this evening, we bring you a close up of the grey bat he has been using thus far in his MLB career.

The model is a Marucci Wood Bat Pro CU26 in the color “smoke”. It’s actually not grey. Grey is not cool enough for Bryce Harper. But it’s neat because I don’t remember anyone ever using a “smoke” or grey-colored bat before. Of course Bryce Harper does.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/MarucciSports/status/196419919427022849″]

On the bats you will notice an inscription – ‘LUKE 1:37’ – “For nothing is impossible with God.”

Now you know more than you were probably ever curious about in regards to Bryce Harper’s smoke-grey bat. And Marucci is getting some major run-time through all this. Good for them. The bat is sweet.

h/t: District Sports Page