White Seattle Rapper Raps about the 90’s Mariners

This is…… unique.

I’ve had an attachment to many sports teams, (especially baseball teams)l in my past. I’ve never felt compelled to rap about them. And for fun back in college I actually used to drink a 12-pack and freestyle and then laugh hysterically with friends who would give it a shot. Don’t hate, it’s surprisingly liberating.

The guy is either named Macklemore or Ryan Lewis. And he grew up watching games in the Kingdome. Seattle’s his city. I would just expect this to be more about Shawn Kemp or something. I still recommend you give him a listen.

h/t: Kissing Suzy Kolber

  • Tim

    The man in the video (and rapping) is Macklemore. I believe this song was commissioned by the Seattle Mariners. I know it was played as part of a pre-game tribute to Dave Niehaus before the home opener in 2011 (I was there). Niehaus remains the unquestioned voice of the Mariners, and he passed away that offseason. There is a sculpture of Niehaus out beyond center field now. His signature call was “My oh my!”

  • mtd

    They took my video down apparently but http://www.offbasepercentage.com/2010/12/dave-niehaus-celebrated-in-rap-form.html

    That’s right. Off Base covers the MLB rap scene.