Ken Griffey Jr. graces the cover of MLB The Show ’17


Ken Griffey Jr. will be the cover athlete on MLB the Show ’17 – and on this blog that video game is one of the few things in life that we can give full praise to. It’s perfection. All video games suck, or get stale, or have game-breaking glitches or bugs. But The Show has remained something sacred, above reproach for a long time now. It’s simply a flawless game that someone feels better every year.

And I am the loser who actually played 162 regular season games + postseason this past spring and summer and loved every minute of it. I’m not ashamed. I’m not here to impress anyone or win a beauty pageant. It was fun, alright? It was a bucket list item. I’m glad I did it. My only regret is choking away a series to the Blue Jays after I took the first game in Toronto in the ALDS with my beloved video game pixelated Houston Astros.

Incredible damn game. Only gripe here is there are so many directions you can go with the cover of this beauty in 2017; with all the young talent around baseball and guys who would attract little Jimmy at the store, and they reach for a star from my childhood in Junior Griffey.

Maybe the market research guys at San Diego Studios realize that losers like me are the guys who spend the most amount of time on the game, and they’re throwing us some kind of bone?

In closing, I think you should be able to have any current player and certain licensed players from the past on the cover that you want. I think this will someday happen. Like, if I want an MLB the Show cover with Lucas Duda on it I should be able to order that right up. It’s coming!