MLB Network Presents: The 1995 Mariners

MLB Network Presents has a special on the 1995 Seattle Mariners I finally watched tonight. Man, it’s a great look at a special team.

I didn’t realize what a barn-burner of a series it was in the ALDS against the New York Yankees. Also, I didn’t realize that peak age-25 Ken Griffey Jr. homered five times in that LDS against New York.

I remember the broken hamate bone well, and of course the eventual loss to the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS. However, I feel like my 13-year old self should have enjoyed the ’95 Mariners a lot more. So why didn’t I?

Well for one, they were on the West Coast. At that time I was still in my innocence and getting decent rest.

Their starting rotation was a mess besides The Big Unit. The Seattle Bullpen was nothing to write home about. But man did that team have magic. I am glad that MLB Network put me in the time machine on this one.