Ken Griffey Jr. has an awkward Sportcenter Interview

Oh man, this is really painful. We have to give props to that sweet little Linda Cohn for the damage control on this one.

As for Griffey, he’s always been just kind of a weird guy. Following his career closely and sitting close to the action, you could often feel Junior’s mood that day through his performance and body language. This really takes the cake.

It’s hard to give Griffey a free pass. We all have bad days – but he’s got a lot to be happy about. If I was Griffey, I’m pretty sure I could find a reason to be cheerful for a solid minute and a half that I was about to go on national television.

When Willie Mays passes some sad day in the future, Griffey will take the title as ‘greatest living ballplayer’ in our opinion. He’ll also take Mays’ place as biggest aging surly prick if he keeps this up. C’mon Junior!

Whoever had to do the closed captioning for that interview must have been thrilled. It’s almost like a day off for them.