On my last weekend as a single man, the Reds sweep

The dog days are coming to an end, and summer is waning.

God forbid, this was my last weekend as a single man. This time next week, I’ll be getting married on the New Jersey shore and our wonderful baseball season will be into September.

Maybe this was the Reds little wedding present to me. Although–we all know it was not–I’ll tell myself that because that’s how my relationship with baseball and the Reds is. The Reds won Friday, Saturday, Sunday for me this weekend because I’m getting married next weekend and I had nothing to do this weekend but watch three baseball games.

I didn’t go out and party. I didn’t run a ton of wedding errands (that’s what wives to be are for). I sat around and watched Jay Bruce, Yonder Alonso, and Joey Votto homer the Reds to a sweep in 14 innings.

The Reds are doing seemingly what they do this time of year. Winning a lot while it’s too late to make a difference, thanks to the tear the Brewers have been on for two months.

I appreciate the effort that the Reds have been given, and I hope they go out on a blaze of glory this final month. And why not? I hope they win every damn game left on the schedule even though it pains me that this feels like 2006-2009 so familiarly. We did not know how good we had it in that last summer of 2010. That was baseball heaven.

I hope that the Reds continue to win every game they can right now and give the world a preview of the Hell that will be reckoned with in 2012. I truly believe the Reds will win the whole damn thing in terms of the NL next year. Next year will be the year.

For the right now, thanks for the wedding gift Cincinnati.