Are Dusty Baker and Walt Jocketty on the same page?

Just a random thought after reading this snippet from John Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

Sources suggest there has been some difference of opinion over playing time between Reds GM Walt Jocketty and manager Dusty Baker, who has a year to go on his contract. The Reds are over .500 for the first time since early July, but it is curious how much playing time veterans Miguel Cairo and Freddie Lewis are getting in a lost season. Rival execs say they also would have traded Ramon Hernandez before the July 31 trade deadline and employed Devin Mesoraco as catcher. Hernandez was claimed on waivers by a competitor and pulled back by the Reds. He would have helped the Giants, among others.

Our take: With the non-trade of Hernandez, how can you blame anyone but the GM and the GM alone? It isn’t likely that Dusty Baker was in the room fielding the calls and said ‘keep Ramon’. That’s on the GM. And that shows that the GM is somewhat on Dusty’s page of keeping the veterans and playing veterans until the bitter end to try and accomplish something salvageable in terms of record this year. In that light, we have to disagree with Heyman a little bit.

Another scenario is ownership telling each them what to do in regards to the non-move of Ramon Hernandez. If the Reds want to draw well attendance-wise until the end of the year–or even respectably–they’ll need to win and win often down the stretch to even keep a fair amount of butts in the seats at Great American. Maybe ownership said to hang on to Ramon Hernandez for this reason. That’s the only thing that would even kind of make sense at this point.

From any other standpoint, the move (or lack thereof) makes no sense.

  • Guy Patete

    Cincinatti Reds 2011

    Here are two problems with the reds organization.

    The number one problem is Dusty Baker. He is to much of a players coach. When he makes desicions to help a player, he actually hurts them.

    Example: tonites game. Manager 101 handbook says. Mike leake puts one batter on in the 9th inning , you pull him out. As a manager. It’s your responsibility to save these players from themselves. Baker thinks he helped leake by leaving him in there to show confidence in him. NO. It hurt his confidence because he gave up a two run homer to tie it. Somewhat of a wasted nine innings for the kid with nothing to show for it.

    Of course here we go again because baker can’t make desicions when to pull apitcher or when to leave them in. He also doesn’t have a feel for who’s pitching well out of the pen he just rotates them because its time.


    Brandon Phillips in the clean up. Come on. What a joke. Hell I would of put cairo there don’t mess with the line up. He moves to many players around.

    There’s a reason Chicago cubs pitchers had ARM troubles when baker was there and we will have the same thing happen to our young players if baker stays here. Poor pitching decisions to many extra inning games because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    The second problem is the gm. He should of gotten rid of hernandez and should of found a clean up guy for the team. Who knows what could of happen with a legitimate clean up guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love having rolen but you could tell he was hurt and it was going to be for awhile.

    Knowing the gm worked with larrusa in st Louis. This has to be killing him how baker has handled this team in 2011.

    Go get buck showalter or a manager with his demeanor. You will win every year in cincy. And why do we have Willis on this team. Really. Bring wood and volquez up and let’s get past this Willis and arroya era. I would also trade alonzo for some help. We have way to many lefthanders and no where to put him. He’s horrible at third and the outfield. Maybe new York would take yanish and alonzo for reyes. That would be a great move. And give them volquez if he keeps acting up.

    Jocketty. Please wake up and get rid of baker before he brings you down with him

    Go reds