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Corey Seager sets milestone in the Queen City

Ah, damn. If my son wasn’t due any moment now I would have probably been at this series. Next year, for sure.

Anyways, today’s Businessman’s Special down in Cincy was a good ol’ ambush by the Bums on getaway day. Adrian Gonzalez hit three bombs, and Homer Bailey was out of the game before completing three frames. The Dodgers won the game 18-9.

And tomorrow night, things return to magical Chavez Ravine where the Giants and Dodgers do battle with first place on the line. Madison Bumgarner vs. Kenta Maeda. Vin Scully on the call. Are we lucky or what?

You Can’t get enough Marge


For every blade of grass on the earth, there is a Marge Schott (former Reds owner) story like this one.

In 1996, umpire John McSherry died of a heart attack after collapsing at home plate on Opening Day at Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium. The game was postponed, and understandably so. Yet, Reds owner Marge Schott complained how McSherry’s death (and the snow) put her out because the game had been a sellout. When her comments were not well received, she sent flowers to the umpires’ room to apologize and to express sympathy for their loss. However, it was later revealed that Schott hadn’t purchased the bouquet, but had regifted one that had been sent to her. She had removed the original card and written a new one, negating her sincerity in the eyes of the recipients.

Chain-smoking cheap cigarettes, supporting Nazi’s, chugging even more cheap vodka, and getting mad when an umpire goes and dies on her! Marge! She’ll be here all week.

As Time Runs Out….

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I didn’t see Jay Bruce’s possible last game as a Red on Saturday night. And I would kind of prefer it that way. I didn’t miss much, as Bruce went 0 for 4 and the Reds lost in 10 innings 2-1 in San Diego.

But I tuned in today. To see Homer Bailey pitch, and just to see some last glimpses of Jay Bruce in a Reds uniform. I think this will be Jay Bruce’s final day as a Red. It makes me incredibly sad. Jay Bruce has been my favorite Reds player ever. He’s been in my living room every night through the Spring and Summers and into the Fall for the last near decade.

So much of my life has changed as he’s grown up in a Reds uniform.

In 2005 I remember the day he was drafted. I was living in Cincinnati for the second summer in a row. I was driving on I-275 when they were talking about the Reds second round pick on 700 WLW. Jay Bruce, a kid out of Texas.

Then came his meteoric rise through the Minor leagues. I moved back to Columbus to be closer to my fiance. He became the #1 prospect by Baseball America. The excitement was as high as I ever remember for a Reds prospect.

The night he made his debut, I owned a condo and lived with my then fiance. I got off work and make the trip up I-71 because I wanted to see the beginning. He knocked three hits all over the ball park and was on base five times. I went back the next evening too; and he got two more hits. Things were still exciting. The Reds were bad, but they were on the climb up the hill. You could feel it. The darkness was soon to come to an end with Bruce at the core.

In my own life, I was still young but finally starting to grow up.

In 2010 on that September night when he homered off Tim Byrdak and the Reds clinched; fewer sports moments have ever been happier for me. We’ll always have that moment no matter how long time goes on in baseball.

There will be many more moments not mentioned here in between that Bruce granted us as fans. All the home runs at Great American. Never a stale moment in the clubhouse. Always a consummate professional. The Reds went to the postseason three times. Bruce played better than any other Red in those games. They came up short.

Now sitting here today watching as I finish giving my first kid a bath and waiting on my second to arrive, I see him in uniform in the dugout in the ninth inning in San Diego talking to Joey Votto. There is a feeling of closure. It was two friends talking in the dugout after a decade of playing together. You could almost see them saying ‘man the times, they were good.’ The sense of relief like an era has closed; and Jay Bruce getting traded is definitely the door slamming shut, is there.

Jay Bruce and I are no longer just kids growing up.

You’ll always remain my favorite Red Jay Bruce. It’s so hard saying goodbye to the players you build a personal attachment to because they’ve been with you through life’s up’s and down’s and their own.

I used to find myself believing that someday I would take my son to the ballpark to see Jay Bruce as an aging veteran playing right field for the Reds. It could have easily happened, we just all ran out of time.

Jay Bruce homers in quite possibly his last Great American Ballpark At Bat


It’s time to do the ‘it’s Jay Bruce’s last week as a Red’ narrative thing again, once again. This is so annoying and frustrating. The Reds shouldn’t be ditching Bruce at this point. He looks elite again, having his best season ever. He hasn’t really hit that ugly month-long cold streak either.

But I digress. The Reds will probably move Bruce in the next week before the trade deadline. The Reds will be heading West, so that means that Bruce played what was likely his final game at Great American Ball Park as a Redleg yesterday.

In what was his final at bat, you know; if it was:

The Redlegs lost a shootout 9-8. Bruce knocked in four which brings his RBI total to 73. He has 21 home runs on the year, and an .871 OPS. Ah, I hate that I wasn’t there. But I’ve said my goodbyes a dozen times already.

Do your damnedest, Dick Williams.

Betting on Baseball: Friday 7/22

We are partial to playing the Moneyline in baseball and just picking winners. However, every now and again we like to look at a total. Tonight we have a feel for one in the Queen City.

The Cincinnati Reds are -122 favorites at home tonight with Dan Straily on the hill. Let’s be honest, Straily has been serviceable but he’s an off brand in reality and he’s due to turn back into the pumpkin that he is. Tonight is that night. The O/U total sits at 9.5 with the Arizona DiamondBacks rolling into town. One thing I know about these two teams is they can hit a little bit.

Archie Bradley just isn’t good, big league hitters get excited when he’s on the mound as well. But the ‘x’ factor that carries this one where we need it is Straily being shitty.

First, check out Sports Betting Tips then lay your money on the OVER 9.5 tonight in Cincinnati.

Enjoy the extra cash to start your weekend!

Our pick: OVER 9.5 runs Arizona/Cincinnati.

Bryce Harper wasn’t letting Cincinnati get out of town without tagging them once more


And on Sunday, Bryce Harper took a piece of the Barback Jon Lamb that he could never have back. This came in a 12-1 Nationals win in which the Nats were just launching; hitting six home runs in all. This was Harper’s 17th of the season – and as we always do – every Harper bomb goes on this blog.

And as they say… the haters can suck on that one.

Why do we feel like he’s going to have a monstrous second half? That’s exactly what’s going to happen here. A second half better than either half he had in his MVP season.

Special thanks to the Bar Back for making this all possible.

A Cubbies-Redlegs Summer Matinee

Today I went with three friends to see the Reds host the Cubbies on a getaway day. The Cubs won this game 9-2. The seats and weather were great, and we saw a bunch of cool stuff. It was the first time I’ve made it to a game this season, and I just got a new camera.

Click through the jump to see too many photos from today.

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Kris Bryant makes MLB History in Cincinnati

Kris Bryant is just a helluva young power hitter. Last night in Cincinnati, the Cubbies dropped the hammer on Dan Straily and the Reds rascals of the bullpen for an 11-8 victory.

Bryant made history, becoming the first player in the history of baseball to hit three home runs, and two doubles in the same game. He now sports an OPS of 1.080 in Cincinnati. He kills the Reds in Cincinnati.

So, as you watch these; you’ll notice they weren’t cheapies. Bryant didn’t just kill the buffalo. He used ALL of the buffalo. He used the ivory bones for jewelry, the hide for a blanket. The skull will hold bullets.

We get the chance to actually see Bryant live and in the flesh tomorrow. We have a brand new camera we’ll be testing out. We should be able to get some decent shots. It’s too bad we couldn’t have been on hand for this performance of a lifetime.

Jay Bruce destroys Colby Lewis, continues tear

Man, who is this guy?

This guy who looks like the 23-year old kid again with power to all fields, with 16 homers and 55 RBI. This .282 average, .921 OPS bat?

Reds win 8-2 in Arlington in a game that Colby Lewis was supposed to handle their lineup easily, in a game where the Rangers and people around baseball were chalking this up to be a ‘gimme’.

I can’t believe now that Bruce is in the midst of a career year and probably the best offensive player on the roster; that the Reds are going to just move him. Say it ain’t so!

Reds beat Astros in 11 despite a Correa homer providing Friday Night Bonus Baseball


With the lowly Reds coming to town, and coming off two big wins in St. Louis; you figured maybe the Houston Astros were getting things going a little bit.

The Reds had played a lot of innings of baseball down in steamy Atlanta, and the Astros had a day off and Lance McCullers on the bump. There was a good reason Houston came into the game as -240 moneyline favorites. But it wasn’t so.

The Reds got 5 and 2/3 really good innings from Jon “Barback” Lamb, with Lamb striking out 8 and leaving with the lead momentarily 2-1. Things were looking bleak for Houston, when Carlos Correa and Blake Wood became acquainted.

That tied the game at 2-2, and granted us some extra innings with nothing to do on a Friday night. Nothing better.

The Astros would go on to give this one away to the Redlegs – these two teams are just kind of poor like that. Astros lose in 11 innings, 3-2.

Jay Bruce is still as good once as he ever was

Ah man, we still love this guy. Old favorites die hard. This was definitely one of Jay Bruce’s longest home runs at Great American Ball Park. He slugged number 14, and drove in runs 43 and 44; in the Reds 2-1 win on Saturday afternoon in Cincinnati.

He’s arguably been the Reds best offensive player. With an OPS over .900, we kind of hope as his swan song in Cincinnati (if they’re not going to keep him as part of the ‘next’ core) that they do him the honor of letting him be the Reds only All Star.

He’s definitely looking like the player he always should have been offensively, even if advanced metrics tell us he’s somehow worth less than an empty trash bucket in right field. I actually saw with my own two eyes – Bruce made a nice defensive play in right field Saturday afternoon. So WAR and it’s defensive judgements can just suck it on this one.

Jay Bruce gets a milestone at Great American Ballpark


With two home runs tonight, Jay Bruce hit career dingers 127 and 128 at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, becoming the all-time leader; passing Adam Dunn. We’ve said it many times; Bruce has had an enigmatic career with flashes of brilliance. At the end of the day, it’s hard not to realize he’s accomplished quite a bit in a Reds uniform.

It looked at that point like it would be a happy ending for one night in the Queen City; but Tony Cingrani and the Reds pen full of shitheads had other ideas. The Reds would go on to lose this ballgame 8-7 in 12 innings on a Francisco Lindor home run. Lindor is really a helluva a little ballplayer.

You can see Lindor’s game-winning home run off Keyvius friggin’ Sampson by clicking here. That ball had some giddeup on it.

The Reds try to get swept tomorrow in the Battle of Ohio Series. It won’t be easy, as Corey Kluber gets the start and he’s Jekyll and Hyde awful, but I think the Reds have it in them.

Jake Arrieta No-Hits the Reds, and the embarrassment of a 16-0 defeat


[Cubs 16, Reds 0]

If there was any hope left, it has now vanished. Good teams don’t lose like this; even over the course of a long season. You hate to pile on, but the Reds lost yesterday in completely embarrassing fashion.

It was a game that wasn’t even going to be played. People I know who are Reds fans were asking me if they were even going to get it in. Others didn’t attend the game even to see who I believe is the best pitcher in baseball at the present; Jake Arrieta throw because of the threat of a rain out.

And then baseball went and baseball’d the shit out of us all.

Arrieta went the full nine, walking four and striking out six. Kris Bryant hit a grand slam and a second home run, and the Cubs completely dismantled the Reds with 16 runs.

Arrieta is now 15-0 in his last 16 starts. Read that back. He’s automatic, a winner every time he goes out. This was his second no-hitter in like a half dozen starts. The Reds simply never had a chance. You probably heard about this. I didn’t find it very funny, or cute or anything.