If the Reds go to the NLCS, we're going to the NLCS

You might remember when I got shut out of buying NLDS tickets. Well today I won the drawing to buy NLCS tickets should there be a game at Great American Ball Park, and if there’s even one; I’ll be there. That’s right–I’ll be able to die a happy man now because I landed two tickets in the moon deck to the National League Championship Series.

And think about that for a minute. This morning, we’re waiting in a virtual line; for NLCS tickets! I don’t care if they’re backing into the playoffs. There’s Joey Votto at the bottom of this post, in a real MLB.com graphic next to NLCS. They don’t have anything incorrect. It’s a possibility!

More fun to come if the clinching happens tonight. You know we’ve got some stuff up our sleeve to check back early and often if the Reds pop bottles this evening.