The home run Jay Bruce was born to hit

He really did save the best for last. Tonight, the baseball Gods shined down on the kid from Beaumont, Texas with a thunder bolt in the form of a black bat. He found himself in a spot that will make him a Reds legend for eternity.

No matter how long you live Reds fan, you will remember where you were the night that Jay Bruce made the Reds 2010 NL Central Champions with a walk-off home run off a lefty to dead center field on the first pitch of the bottom of the 9th inning.

This is more than just drama at it’s richest moment. This is as good as it gets. This is the highest of highs. If you don’t get chills watching the above scene, you will by listening to Marty Brennaman’s call on 700 WLW.

In a season of ups and downs, Jay Bruce is a hero who will live on in eternity in tales and baseball lore long beyond his time. This trumps anything that we have seen happen in following this game for a quarter of a century.

As long as you exist, if you were along for the ride this season, you will never forget this season or this moment, regardless of what happens from here. Our favorite player of all time was always capable of huge things; and if he never does anything else this was deliverance on the belief we’ve had in The Deal since day 1. You did it Jay Bruce. Thank you.