Putting the Reds possible division clinch in perspective. “The Reds have played 2,425 games. Three people have owned them. Eight have managed them. They’ve had four general managers, two ballparks, where 28,245,219 fans have come watch them play since the last time this franchise tasted any champagne. They played on turf and they’ve plaed on grass. They’ve employed hundreds of players and spent more then $593 million on them. They’ve said goodbye to legends at shortstop and in the broadcast booth. They’ve traded for one of the all-time greats, watched him hit homers 400, 500, and 600 in their uni, and they’ve traded him. They groomed, promoted, played, paid, and dealt of the most prodigious sluggers of the era. They’ve dealt players who became postseason heroes elsewhere and they’ve fired managers who won World Series elsewhere. They’ve brought back a cornerback to play outfield. They’ve seen important members of their franchise’s history get inducted into Cooperstown.” [Mo Egger]