It's getting more like the 3-point shootout every year

Other then bad hair, the other item tonight we are guarunteed to see is a barrage of homerun balls sailing into the night in San Francisco, City by the bay. A couple of the editors have gotten together and made some predictions about who is going to win this epic battle of the wooden swords tonight. Don’t forget, with 9 outs, out comes the “money ball” which is pictured above. Thanks State Farm for making this more like the 3 point contest than every before.

Myself (TheNaturalMevs): I like Pujols to win it. He’s really getting his swing going. I think that he’s going to edge out a guy like Howard in the final round. This years contest really features a ton of power guys, true homerun hitters (save Rios), so we’re going to see some absolutely mammoth blasts. I wish Bonds would be the last entry, but he doesn’t want more guys like us at this site running there mouths about steroids being the only way a human with a wood bat could hit one 634 feet, even in a homerun contest. That said, I like the former champion Pujols over the mystery man yet to be named who will take over for injured Miguel Cabrera.

Editor George: “Fielder.” That is all.

Grady (Aces High): “I say Prince Fielder. He gets his fat ass into each swing and swings fucking hard every time. I also say Howard finishes 2nd. “

Magglio Ordonez, Vladimir Guerrero, Alex Rios, Justin Morneau, Howard, Pujols, Prince Fielder and a mystery man from the NL are on slate to compete. Who do you have winning the derby?