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How Ron Darling’s Career Ended

Ron Darling, of 1986 Mets and RBI Baseball (the original) fame; has shared the tale of how his career in the big leagues ended with Deadspin. It’s a great read, or it wouldn’t be getting a link from us.

As I was leaving, the players were out at batting practice, so I dressed quickly. There was some shame in it for me, that here I am released and these guys are going to go out to battle again and I’m going to go home.

I didn’t want to face anyone. I didn’t want to shake hands. I didn’t want to have the moment that I see all the great players have—and I certainly wasn’t a great player—but where they break down emotionally. I didn’t want to have that.

And so I kind of did my own walk of shame as I left the locker room and drove home. And on the way home I stopped. I got one of those tall-boy Bud Light beers, and I said, You know what? I’m going to celebrate this. I’m going to have a beer as I’m driving home. Sip the beer, relax, put the sun roof down, enjoy the sun. I’m going to get to my house, which is five minutes away, I’m going to see my family, and I’m going to be able to tell them, Hey, Daddy’s home, and he’s going to be home for good. In those days we used to celebrate by going to Benihana. My kids loved Benihana.

And when I got there, one of my sons was on his way to a sleepover, my other son was going to a play date, and my wife, who was a tennis player, a very competitive tennis player, was going to a weekend tennis match [laughs]. We had not planned anything for my birthday because ballplayers don’t celebrate their birthday if they’re summer birthdays, because you’re playing that night.

So nothing had been planned for my birthday. The kids are doing their thing. My wife was doing her thing. And I just thought it was very funny that I had these notions of coming home and getting everyone together and going to Benihana and celebrating that I was going to be home.

The read continues and it’s a great look into the life of a big league player and just one anecdote about what it’s like when it comes to a sudden halt.

A Guide to MLB Offseason Weight Loss

Deadspin does something interesting in the way of telling a story of the weight fluctuations of so many of those across Major League Baseball compared to last season.

This isn’t just limited to players. Mike Sciosia lost 38 pounds, topping the leader board. Pablo Sandoval is up 25 pounds. Joe Mauer is up 30.

It’s an interesting read with the short summary of how the said player dropped or gained the weight. Another shining example of why Deadspin is still a mandatory stop for us each day no matter how little time we have to peruse it.

Jay Bruce made the list for shedding 16 pounds. My buddy who follows the Reds has mentioned several times that Bruce looks “really skinny’. What Deadspin didn’t tell you from the AP link provided to tell you that Bruce tried the Paleo diet. I might have to give it a shot.

If you want to feel motivated or better about yourself depending on where you’re at on the scale right now, give this post Deadspin a read today.

  • Cardio and Pooping: A Chart of every reported MLB player who gained or lost weight this off-season. [Deadspin]

Jon Heyman: reliable baseball scoop-artist, snob

There’s a reason that through the years I’ve continued to check Deadspin every morning despite having less and less time to peruse sites like Deadspin. Through different editors and content and site structure, Deadspin has always been good at bringing to light items like this.

Heyman has always seemed to me to be a very tactful and reliable baseball reporter. I’ve followed him for about two years, and only today do I realize that the tone of some of his tweets would make it seem as though he’s bathing in a pile of Ben Franklin’s every night and smacking people with expensive veal cutlets when they make him angry. And thank you for this, Deadspin.

Don’t be surprised if an elitist Heyman tweet appears someday sounding something like this:

@JonHeymanCBS need to get a new dining room set. these homeless people aren’t as comfortable as the day i bought them. harder to sit on when they get real skinny. later.

  • Jon Heyman’s Tweets Make Him Seem Like the Richest Man Alive. [Deadspin]

A look at some MLB teams financial reports: Now this is a pretty interesting look at something. Deadspin has somehow acquired financial statements from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Rays, Florida Marlins, and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. They dub these the reports that MLB doesn’t want you to see. I haven’t poked through them yet, but I have a feeling that I’ll start feeling about MLB just like I do the US government to a degree if I do. [Deadspin]

Best Sports Blog of 2008. Beh.

The time has come to vote for 2008 Sports Blog of the Year. So in other words, show up, cast your vote for one of the same 8 recycled candidates from last year and be done with it. And be sure to vote once a day if you give a shit.

The candidates: Awful Anouncing, BlogF1, Deadspin (our personal favorite blog), F1 Fanatic, Kissing Suzy Kolber, Hugging Harold Reynolds, With Leather, The LoHud Yankees Blog, The Big Lead, Soccer by Ives (you lose–it’s soccer), Beyond the Boxscore, Rumors and Rants, Metsgrrl, and Cozy Beehive.

If you’re going to go and vote, do the right thing. Vote for Deadspin. It’s the measuring stick by which all blogs are to be up against. Without Deadspin, there wouldn’t be a ‘Sportsblog of the Year’ trendy award club. There wouldn’t be many blogs in general. If any blog is going to win a trendy little award that caters to the same blogs year after year, it should be Deadspin.

I guess the main problem I have with this award is that; while some of these are great blogs that we read, it’s not all sports blogs that are considered.

You have to fit a certain criteria to be one of the sacred few. And anyone who sees this will certainly say “well it wouldn’t be fair if we let everyone play”. But the only blogs that are up for the award are paid gigs where the guys get to sit in their den all day, spend 22 hours a day on the internet if need be, and pump out anywhere from 5 to 25 posts in a day. That’s hard to compete with when you have a mortgage to pay, a social life to have, and you’re not paid to be a full-time blogger.

Maybe there should be a Bloggy for ‘non-paid blog of the year’. Or ‘best blog who can’t keep up with the Kissing Suzy Kolber’s of the World’.

Life is one big ass-kissing contest. If you’re good enough at it, and you kiss enough ass in whatever world it is you’re striving for success in, maybe you’ll get ahead in life. Or maybe you’ll get a book deal at just throwing shit on 288 pages. Maybe a publisher will take you on because you’re good at talking about punching someone in the cock and because ‘you’ve got over 30 years watching sports’.

Nah. Probably not. But in the meantime vote for Deadspin.
UPDATE: Alright, so you know what. We were reminded that we were being pretty general in lumping all those blogs in together. After a visit to Metsgrrl’s blog and seeing the greatest hits over there, that blog is pretty sweet. We like it because it’s a lot like our blog only it’s focused around the Mets. But it catches the simplicity of the game of baseball in its finest moments. So, if we’re able to sway our readers vote–we’d like it to go to Metsgrrl.